September 29, 2012 - Stygian Visit

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Ire Clad-Force it Down
The Sword-Winter's Wolves
Witchcraft-Ghost House
Metallica-Trapped Under Ice
Judas Priest-Bloodstone
Death Angel-Voracious Souls
Spater-Rat Salad
Alice in Chains-Angry Chair
Cradle of Filth-Hell Awaits
Burn Everything-Maintain Radio Silence
Burn Everything-Vengance and the Night Sky
Stygian-Believe in Nothing
Paradise Lost-Crucify
Mercyful Fate-Curse of the Pharaohs
Mercyful Fate-Into the Coven
Mercyful Fate-Black Funeral
Stygian-Unholy live
Stygian-Seventh Kingdom
Tankard-Son of a Fridge
Iron Maiden-Killers
Hate Machine-Bring in the Butcher
Metallica-The Four Horseman
Encrust-Shrieking Infestation
Witchcraft-White Light Suicide
Stygian "Breaking Away"
Loopus "Schitzo"
Nine Treasures "For Whom the Bell Tolls"
Void Moon "On the Blackest of Nights"
Between the Buried and Me"
Vision of Disorder "Annihilator"
Holy Dragons "Project A119"
Sinister "Unheavenly Domain"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Suffer the Masses"
Agent Steel "Nothin Left"
Sanctuary "Die for My Sins"
Helstar "Leather and Lust"
Hades "In the Mean Time"
Mekong Delta "Confession of Madness"
Tourniquet "Spectrophbic Dementia"
Target "Nuclear Waste"
Gregorian "Close My Eyes Forever"
Eluivetie "Lament"
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Jesus Christ, the damned month's over! Where the hell does the time go? Damn, I'm gettin' old...

So, Joe was enjoying some vacation time this week, leaving Rick in charge. Meaning, of course, that Murphy's Law was going to take full advantage of us. Yep, if something could have gone wrong, it seemed to be doing just that, and all with a band in the studio!

But, we muscled on through, got things sorted out, and eventually we were able to just kick back and enjoy playing some kick-ass music .Nope, not a perfect show, but then, hey, I kinda think perfection is sorely over-rated sometimes...

Stygian joined us in the studio with a very cool selection of demo tracks.

Crazy how things come together in just a matter of a few months. Back in May, the members of Stygian were without a vocalist, and it had been stated that they'd be hoping to find one at Finger Lakes Metal Fest. And, as it turned out, it was there that HorseFace bassist/vocalist Jesse Halstead had been approached about being the new singer for Stygian.

Now, anybody who's heard Jesse sing can tell you that this choice was a no-brainer. The guy has an incredible voice, and an extremely impressive range. His style is more than suitable for Stygian's sound, and I for one am really excited to see where all this is going to lead in the coming months.Check 'em out!

No Jeffie this week, but Ken Smith (who's joined us here and on The Last Exit on more than one occasion) had joined us, bearing a gift of warm, steamy, and oh so tasty venison tenderloin. Damn, that was some good stuff.

Yep, the Metallic Onslaught, the only radio show in the area where we will fully admit that we're eating ROADKILL DEER!

It's all good, not like it was a gory, squishy roadkill. I understand that the corpse was highly intact when it was found in Rick's driveway, and it was fully capable of consumption.


Azkath was on hand, and for some reason I had a couple of blackout moments. I even ended up having a repeat of a moment I had on the Last Exit where I could have sworn there was a gorgeous redhead in the studio. On both occasions I wasted no time offering to give her a back massage, only to discover it was actually...Ken...

Ummmm...I don't wanna think about that anymore...

And, from there, I apparently flipped out again when there was some mention of eight owls and dead hawks.

Ive gotten the impression that my little "moments" are actually getting worse. Scary, especially knowing that I have absolutely no recollection of my behavior. I mean, with Halloween approaching, who knows what else could possibly go wrong?

I should also mention that, according to Azkath, Jeffie had been sent off to Lake George to visit Joe. Bear in mind that Joe was on vacation at this time, and was probably not very receptive to a visit from ANY of us. I'm pretty sure we'll be feeling the repercussions from this on our next show...