August 4, 2012 - Mercia Visit

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Halford - Stained Class
Kiss - God Of Thunder
Kiss - Hell Or Hallelujah
Down - Witchtripper

Hate Machine - Bring In The Butcher
Dublin Death Patrol - Blood Sirens
Banshee - Taming The Beast
Elisium - Bombshells

Gojira - The Heaviest Matter Of The Universe
Malice - Stellar Masters
Jorn - Black Morning
Unleashed - Odalheim

Mercia - The Boomstick Shakedown
Evershine - Demon's Ride
Ex Deo - I, Caligula
Grave - Amongst Marble And The Dead

Mercia - March Of The Dinosaurs
Grave Digger - Helldog
Helgrind - Mass Graves
Hate Machine - Chainsaw Philosophy
Hexvessel - A Letter In Birch Bark

Mercia - Nothing A Brick Won't Fix
Hollow Haze - Headless Cross
Hotel Diablo - Psycho California
Ian Gillan & Tony Iommi - Smoke On The Water

In This Moment - Burn
Korpiklanni - Rauta
Liv Kristine - Panic
Munruthel - The Raven Croak

Nova Art - No More Pain
Odinfist - Grim Troll
Seremonia - Lusiferin Kaarmeet
Shadows In The Crypt - Embracing The Forbidden Arts

Hate Machine - Anger Is King
Stealing Axion - The Unwanted Gift
Suffer Well - Sweat Away This Venom
Svolk - Break My Bones
Termination Force - Grind Thrashing Death

Love Striken Demise - Love And Hate
Perzonal War - Lost
Serj Tankian - Ching Chime
Fetus Stench - By Butchery Divorced
Dublin Death Patrol - Death Toll Rising

Elisium - Safety Dance
Testament - Throne Of Thorns
Testament - Animal Magnetism
Drone - Zombies In The Moshpit
For The Fallen Dreams - Your Funeral
South Wicked - Graveyard Of Bones
Sky Of Rage - Countdown

Humangled - Smells Acrid
Sunflower Dead - The Hand That Beats You
Corrosive Carcass - Butchershop

Banshee - Halls Of Karma
Banshee - Godless
Recap by The Metal Wulf

For starters, I'd like to thank Mercia for coming out and hanging with us for a couple of hours. We have a brief interview with them up for your perusal on the metalwulff YouTube page, so feel free to check it out!

So, how cool is it that Hate Machine gave us exclusive rights to play tracks from their latest disc before any other local radio station? Much gratitude to those guys for allowing us to do that, we were more than happy to play some of those tracks, and we'll be even happier when we all have copies of that disc in our hands!

Let's see, discussions from this edition of the show...hmmmm...

Well, we definitely had a blast recounting some bad-ass memories from our visit to Darien Lake last Wednesday. Seriously, this was a show that was so amazing that even BILL!!! had come out to hang long enough to help us talk about it!

Slipknot and Slayer headlined with openers Motorhead and Anthrax. Darien Lake didn't want to book the entire Mayhem Fest bill, so instead they got the best of the line-up for an evening of great music. Seriously, if you weren't there, you've no idea...the show was a CLASSIC! Every single band was at the top of their game, not a bad moment to be found, just one kick-ass performance after another.

Of course, if you were to twist our arms, I'm pretty sure that we'd have to say that Slayer stole the evening. Here's a band that never really worried about large stage productions, usually just content to turn up the volume and kick your ass all night, maybe throw in some cool lighting effects. Well, they upped their game, throwing their Marshall staciks into structures that were designed in the shape of inverted crosses and offering a TON of Hellish pyro throughout the set (seriously, flames, towering, EVERYWHERE!)

Still, in the end, it was the set list that made their show the best of the evening. Just one classic after another, not a lot of between song banter, just the best that they could pack into an hour-long set.

Yep, folks will be talkin' about that show for a loooong damned time!

Our resident Pixie was once again in attendance, making her presence known during our Mercia interview. Seems she had found Cthulhu and was fluttering about with him.

What, you don't think pixies come to the Onslaught to find Jesus, do you? That would just be silly...

There was continued ball-busting over the fact that while Rick, Bill, and Erica will potentially be taking in Soulfly on the 15th (and possibly getting an interview with Max Cavalera), I'll be at Journey, with Pat Benatar and Loverboy.

Yes, I know, it ain't metal, but the early 80's were a strange time for me. Kind of a developmental era, so to speak. I listened to a LOT of different things back then, still do. And yes, while I loved KISS, Sabbath, and Ozzy, I also didn't have any qualms about listening to slightly milder stuff.

Like Journey, Pat Benatar, or Loverboy.

Fact is, I never got to see ANY of them back in the 80's (that's kind of a trend for me, if you haven't noticed...), and the opportunity to see ALL THREE in the same night...well, just can't pass that up, too good to be true...

So, bust away, my Onslaught compatriots!

Let's see...really can't remember anything else, although we did have a fun time trying to get Serj Tankian's track, "Ching Chime", out of our heads. Joe actually mentioned that he wants me to be able to hit the notes on that, just like Serj, by Friday.

Yep, that's gonna happen...

So, our next installment should be seeing Stone Soul Foundation in the studio. It's been well over a year and a half since their last visit, so I'd say it's high time they brought us up to speed on any developments they have goin' on.

Personally, I'm lookin' forward to having 'em on again!