August 11, 2012 - Stone Soul Foundation

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Aska - Longships
Lynch Mob - Slow Drag
Watchtower - Insruments Of Random Murder
Malice - Gods Of Thunder

Banshee - Cry In The Night
Fozzy - Blood Happens
Kiss - King Of The Night Time World
Hughes/Vai - Highway Star

Tomakazi - Thomas Dolby
Hate Machine - Chainsaw Philosophy
MuckRaker - StemWinder
Testament - A Day In The Death
Epidemic - Hands Of Ruby
Letter To The Exiles - They Made Me The War Machine

D.A.M. - Left To Rot
D.A.M. - Appointment With Fear
Elisium - AGV
Dublin Death Patrol - Death Toll Rising
Fetus Stench - Severe Suffering
Drone - Deepest Red

Stone Soul Foundation - Sidewalker
The Faceless - Ten Billion Years
Over Your Threshold - Body Part Illusion
Loudness - The Power Of Truth

Stone Soul Foundation - Christian
Lynch Mob - Sucka
Tankard - Son Of A Fridge
Korpiklaani - Soil Of The Corpse
Ire Clad - Force It Down

Stone Soul Foundation - Ain't No Mystery
South Wicked - Craving For Blood
Sky Of Rage - Shape Of A Giant
Love Stricken Demise - Love And Hate
Perzonal War - Termination
A Hero A Fake - I Have A Knife
For The Fallen Dreams - Living A Lie

Striker - Terrorizer
Striker - Let It Burn
Dust Bolt - Toxic Attack
Steel Assassin - Four Stars Of Hell
Steel Assassin - Bastogne
Texas Hippie Coalition - Paw Paw Hill

Elisium - Bombshells
Aska - Message From God
MuckRaker - Haymarket Square
Your Memorial - Redirect
Bury Tomorrow - Lionheart

Hate Machine - Bring In The Butcher
The Faceless - In Solitude

Recap by The Metal Wulf

We were joined by three out of four members of Stone Soul Foundation on this evening, always cool to hang with these guys. They've got some local shows comin' up, one of them a mere week away at Hoopes Park in Auburn. That is also a FREE show, so if you're of a mind, and the weather isn't too crappy, you'd be doing yourself a favor by checking these guys out.

They'll also be at Bull's Run in Seneca Falls for a show that will feature both electric and acoustic performances, and you can catch that gig this Saturday night!

They also mentioned that they'd still like to do a video for their song, "Christian", and they're open for any ideas regarding that. Hit up their Facebook page if you have any suggestions!

Honestly, check them out. I can't remommend them highly enough. I know I say that a lot, but this is straight from the heart. They are a flat-out GREAT rock and roll band!

There was further discussion regarding possibilities of Josh leaving us for a teaching job outside the country. This time the job is in Spain, and he'll actually be travelling there in another week or so for the interview. If all goes well, and he accepts this job, we're just hoping he has a chance to come back and hang with us one more time before departing for a year. It would make for a Hell of an evening on the Onslaught as we gave him a going-away party he wouldn't soon forget.

No, really, I'm betting a lap dance from Jeffie would be pretty damned unforgettable...

Now, personally, I don't follow the Billboard charts all that closely, but I still find it relatively cool when a true metal band hits high. Case in point, Testament's latest (Dark Roots Of Earth) hit #12 on Billboard's Top 200. Now, like I said, I don't really follow them all that closely, but I'm pretty sure that's the hightest any Testament album has ever hit, and it just goes to show that there are a LOT of people out there who still love and support this music. Hell, I'm interested to see where it goes from here, potentially cracking the Top 10, maybe?

We had all (and I mean ALL) gathered at Suzy's in Auburn that previous Tuesday night to catch Banshee's free show, which was pretty damned killer. Just a shame the turn-out couldn't have been better. Still, Terry and the boys seemed pretty pleased to have an audience to play for, so I guess it was all good!

Sincerely, they're a great bunch of guys, and they shouldn't be missed if they come anywhere near you.

I'd mentioned something to Jeffie once again about being part frog, and he was pretty indignant when it came down to denying having any association with frogs. Yet Raven insisted that she combined his DNA with that of a frog when she cloned him the last time. I mean, the guy was eating MOTHS for cryin' out loud!

Yet, he seems to be in a very strong state of denial. He even stated that if he was part frog, he should be able to hop long distances. He proceeded to test this statement out by maneuvering my chair into the middle of the room and attempting to hop over me, with little to moderate success. And, as it frequently happens, Jeffie ended up on the wrong end of a beatdown from Joe, eventually getting tossed ass-first through a computer keyboard. The remains of which, I should stress, got used to pummel my forehead, almost resulting in flowing blood...

All in a night's work, what can I say...