July 28, 2012 - Tim Returns

Listen to the Show

Malice - Hell Rider
Rush - Clockwork Angels
Megadeth - Holy Wars...The Punishment Due
Awaken - The Inquisitor

Banshee - Taming The Beast
Jorn - Ride Like The Wind
Steel Assassin - Blitzkrieg Demons
Gypsyhawk - State Lines

Tankard - (Empty) Tankard
Tankard - Total Addiction
Tankard - The Metal Ladyboy
Meathook Seed - Cling To A Remnant
Dew Scented - By My Own Hand
Striker - Let It Burn

All Hail The Yeti - The Art Of Mourning
Venomin James - Seven Years
Zonaria - Full Spectrum Dominance
Tourniquet - Antiseptic Bloodbath
MuckRaker - KingMaker

Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Iron Jaw
Fetus Stench - Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration
South Wicked - Graveyard Of Bones
King Of Asgard - Bound To Reunite
Between The Buried And Me - Telos

Crimson Glory - Queen Of the Masquerade
The Company Band - Black Light Fever
Heretic - Tomorrow's Plague
Massacre - Succumb To Rapture
Vision Of Disorder - Loveless
Manowar - Black List

Gojira - My Last Creation
Humangled - Deny Your Creed
Burn Everything - Maintain Radio Silence
Corrosive Carcass - Born In A Casket
Ire Clad - Dead Alive
Fist - Down The Drain
Dr. Acula - Keep On Running In Place

Obituary - Burned In
Meathook Seed - My Infinity
Bury Tomorrow - Lion Heart
Your Memorial - Shipwreck
Dust Bolt - Into Madness
Bonded By Blood - Repulsive
Radiation Sickness - For No Apparent Motive

Queensryche - Queen Of The Reich
Dew Scented - Storm Within


Recap by The Metal Wulf

This evening of Onslaught fun saw the return of Tim Binder to the show, as he is paying one of his semi-annual visits. For those who remember, Tim's music tastes are kind of all over the place, which gets him just a little bit of grief from others.

Kinda like someone else we know!

As a matter of fact, Tim and I both got to contribute to the annoyance of the rest of the crew as we broke out in a chorus of David Lee Roth's version of "Just A Gigolo". Yeah, you can guess how well that went over...

And then there was a discussion pitting late-80's Russian band Gorky Park against Kix. Hmmmm...which is worse, "Bang!" or "Don't Close Your Eyes"?

Don't matter, Tim and I sang snippets of both, while others were threatening violent happenings upon us...

There was also some discussion regarding our possible loss of Josh on the show. Yeah, Josh has had some job opportunities arise, with some potential employment outside the country. We're talking places like Russia or South Korea.

Now, from a cultural stand-point, I can see where either option could be an interesting pursuit, and it would only be for a year. Yet, at the same time, it just seems that there could be...well, safer options?

Hell, maybe we're just greedy and don't want to see Josh go. As much as we bust on him, we really would be sorry to see him leave the show. We all have our own little touches that we contribute, and our own little areas of specialized knowledge when it comes to this music, and losing Josh would definitely hurt.

With that being said, it was also discussed that if he IS leaving us, we may have to start planning a going away party for him, Metallic Onslaught-style!


No Jeffie this week, as it was mentioned that he'd been involved in some kind of accident on an ostrich farm.

Yeah, quite frankly, I just don't think I want to know...

Joe had asked me for a loan of $3, 295 so he could purchase a KISS pinball machine. We're talking vintage, here, straight from the 70's arcades. He even promised that he'd let me peek in through a window and turn the lights on long enough for me to see it...

Truth is, if I had that kind of cash to blow, that puppy would be making it's way into my bedroom.

Sorry, Joe...ain't happenin'...