July 21, 2012 - A Typically Strange Show...

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Tank - Justice For All
Firebird - Torn Down
Rush - Carnies
Malice - New Breed Of Godz

Deep Purple - Might Just Take Your Life
Deep Purple - Perfect Strangers
Deep Purple - Highway Star
Who Cares? - Out Of My Mind

Jorn - Ride To The Guns
Dust Bolt - Deviance
Striker - Wolf Gang
Dew-Scented - Thrown To The Lions
Desaster - Cross Me Fool
Heretic - Raise Your Fist

Banshee - Halls Of Karma
Banshee - Godless
Y&T - Forever
Gojira - This Emptiness
Fetus Stench - The Outer Island
Rumpelstiltskin Grinder - Run Through The Bastards

Judas Priestess - Saints In Hell
Dark Angel - Never To Rise Again
Bolt Thrower - War Master
Nile - The Inevitable Degradation Of Flesh
Coroner - Reborn Through Hate

Corrosive Carcass - Butchershop
Rocking Corpses - Necropolis
Radiation Sickness - Tripping In The Seas Of Madness
South Wicked - The Phantom Prince
Humangled - Needles To The Blind

Testament - Native Blood
The Company Band - Kill Screen
Hellyeah - Rage/Burn
Dew-Scented - Destined To Collapse
Periphery - Make Total Destroy
King Of Asgard - The Dispossessed

Mortillery - Mortal Artillery
Ire Clad - Hazard
Dr. Acula - Areola 51
Saint Diablo - The Monster's Real
The Contortionist - Sequential Vision

Chaosweaver - Wings Of Chaos
Nuse - Shinebox
Bonded By Blood - Show No Fear
Bury Tomorrow - Vacant Throne
Your Memorial - Cadence For A King
A Hero A Fake - Port Hole

Banshee - Floodgates Of Hell
Recap by The Metal Wulf

With this show being just four days after their concert at Darien Lake, a few of us were still basking in the afterglow of greatness that is Iron Maiden. One of the best shows I've ever seen, easily. In all honesty, only KISS has them beat. But, of course, that's just me, and those who know me know just how big of a KISS fan I am.

Of course, I still got my ass busted for not seeing Iron Maiden back in the 80's. To be honest, though, that show was well worth the wait and I'm pretty sure I'm more appreciative of it at age 46 than I would have been at age 19.

So, besides Maiden, there were numerous things discussed throughout the evening. Things like...

The craziness of our Judas Priestess intervew getting over 1300 views in a less than a week, when it's taken our interviews with Rob Flynn (Machine Head) and Iggor Cavalera (Sepultura/Cavalera Conspiracy) months to even hit or break 1,000 views...

Pure insanity, not that I'm complaining. Those ladies were damned cool, and I'm pretty sure we'll all be waiting for them to come through our area again.

We mourned the loss of Deep Purple keyboardist Jon Jord with a brief but ass-kcking tribute, featuring some tracks that displayed some of his best work. No doubt, the guy had his own unique signature sound and style, which pretty much helped shape hard rock and heavy metal as we've come to know it. There'll never be another like him...

Speaking of departed icons, we had a little discussion regarding news of ex-Dio guitarist Vivian Campbell and his forming of a band called either Holy Dive or The Last In Line. Truth is, I've found reference to both names, but it seems Holy Diver is the more likely...

Now, this band not only features Vivian on guitar, but also features the rest of the early Dio line-up of Jimmy Bain on bass, Claude Schnell on keyboards, and Vinnie Appice on drums. Andy Freeman (former Lynch Mob vocalist and touring member of The Offspring) is said to be taking vocal respnsibilities.

All of this may sound all well and good, and I have to admit that I AM highly intrigued, but you've also got to remember that this is from the guy who referred to Ronnie James Dio as one of "the vilest people in the industry".

So, has Viv had a change of heart in the wake of losing both his parents (within a year of each other, not long before Ronnie passed), or is the guy hoping to cash in on his involvment with the earliest line-up of Dio?

I've actually got an answer to that, too. I really am going to give the guy the benefit of the doubt and say that I genuinely believe that he's trying to do this for the sake of the musical legacy. I mean, come on, the guy's been with Def Leppard for over 20 years and isn't exactly starving! I highly doubt he's doing it for the cash.

I'd say this is a development that warrants more attention as time goes on!

We discussed an upcoming show at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn that will feature 80's metal act, Banshee. Gotta say, I'm glad that these guys were able to get a gig there, as they'd already had two shows fall through at the Bug Jar in Rochester. Seems that not many people remember them, but I'm hoping that the right kind of promotion, along with the fact that it's a free show, will bring out a decent crowd to check them out. Rest assured that a good chunk of the Onslaught crew will be on hand for this one!

We discussed the situation regarding Lamb Of God's Randy Blythe, who is still sitting in a Czech prison as of this writing. As I remember, something was mentioned about Rick needing to break Randy out of jail, kinda crashing through the wall like Kool Aid man.


And then we'd all end up drinking from the head of Rick, which would be cracked open like a coconut after freeing Randy Blythe. It would be our salute to a fallen hero!

Honestly, though...don't hold your breath on that...

Josh got his balls busted harshly, as Joe finally had it sink deeply into his head that Josh is a Hall And Oates fan. Yep, that officially puts Josh in a similar category of lameness as me. Joe even demanded that Josh appear on the next show wearing a mustache like the one that John Oates used to have in the 80's. Tune in and find out how that goes!

Also in Josh news, he had a rare moment of actual funniness when he referred to Jeffie as Rubbin' McStuffins. I forget the reasons for the new nickname, but it was worth a genuine chuckle. Unfortunately, repeated usage wasn't quite as amusing, but it's given us new hope for Josh in the future! It would be pretty refreshing to have Josh known for more than being highly ticklish and for inserting his foot in his mouth (sometimes up to the knee) on a regular basis.

Go Josh!

As for Jeffie, poor Josh had forgotten to pick up his MP3 player. It now has sack marks on it, I'm pretty sure, maybe a little cheese on the corners...

Seriously, when Jeffie's around, it's ALWAYS best to be aware of the locations of your possessions. That's free advice, there, folks!

So, as he tucked Josh's belongings in awkward locations and as he tried rubbing Joe's bald spot, Jeffie explained to us how he has 500 David Hasslehoff cut-outs, something that the rest of us just could not wrap our brains around.

Who wants 500 David Hasslehoff cut-outs? I mean, the guy's become a drunken lout. The man's best days are long past. I mean, the Germans still seem to love him, but man...

Sorry, that just seemed like an odd request. I mean, I can understand a teenager wanting a poster of his from the 80's, when he was on Knight Rider. Or a young lady wanting a poster of him from his Bay Watch days, I suppose I can grasp that as well. But 500 cut-outs? Yeah, my brain is still hurting...

Oddly enough, Jeffie didn't seem to be aware of David's 80's success and seemed very interested in the idea of a talking car. I even placated him by telling him that maybe I'd rig his bus to talk.

Admittedly, not one of my brightest ideas. Hopefully he'll forget the whole thing before Friday.

There had been fairly extensive discussion regarding what has come to be known as the Jukebox In My Head. Unfortunately, this jukebox seems to be loaded with mostly crappy music, and only rarely contributes something even remotely listenable. In fact, the evening closed with a veritable medley of awfulness popping into my head and spewing forth from my mouth.

All of which led to the evening ending on a high note...well, a couple of them...literally...