January 7, 2012 - Best of 2011

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Orchid - Black Funeral
Motorhead - Rock N Roll Music
Headcat - Let It Rock
Megadeth - 13
Hell - Plague And Fyre

Arch/Matheos - On The Fence
Uriah Heep - Money Talk
White Wizzard - Fall Of Atlantis
Iced Earth - Dystopia
Anthrax - I'm Alive

Lazarus A.D. - Light A City (Up In Smoke)
Anthrax - The Giant
Winds Of Plague - Drop The Match
Megadeth - Guns, Drugs & Money
Machine Head - Locust

The Rods - The Code
Chrome Division - Bulldogs Unleashed
Kittie - We Are The Lamb
Iwrestledabearonce - Karate Nipples
Evile - Centurion

Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl
Lazarus A.D. - The Ultimate Sacrifice
Diamond Plate - At The Mountains Of Madness
Pagan's Mind - Walk Away In Silence
Evile - Long Live New Flesh

Chthonic - Southern Cross
Ghost - Stand By Him
Chrome Division - Long Distance Call Girl
Megadeth - Public Enemy No. 1
Within Temptation - Faster

Anthrax - Fight 'Em Til You Can't
Machine Head - Pearls Before The Swine
Mastodon - Dry Bone Valley
Septic Flesh - Five-Pointed Star
Vektor - Dying World

Crowbar - As I Become One
Sulaco - Corridor
Ana Kefr - Thaumatrope
Unexpect - Unfed Pendulum
Vallenfyre - Ravenous Whore

The Bronx Casket Co. - Antihero
The Rods - I Just Wanna Rock
Deceased - The Traumatic
In Solitude - Demons
Gentlemans Pistols - Midnight Crawler
Arch/Matheos - Midnight Serenade

Warbringer - Living Weapon
Mortal Sin - Blood Of My Enemies
Isole - The Lake
Sulaco - The Approach

Reign Of Vengeance - She's Best Kept Headless

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
So, there is very little to discuss in this recap, as the majority of the evening was chock full of some GREAT music! Love counting down everybody's favorites from the previous year!
There were, however, some points of interest, and I'm going to touch on them before sharing everybody's favorites from 2011.

I'd mentioned in the previous recap that Tim seemed to have another side to him that was becoming more dominant. This "Other Tim" had assured the cast of The Last Exit For The Lost that he was going to do something that would "make Satan happy", but when confronted with it on The Metallic Onslaught, he claimed that the details were between the Devil and himself.
Yep, he was proving to be a hard nut to crack, but on the January 1st edition of The Last Exit, we got him to confess to some of his actions on that controversial Christmas morning. After much interrogation, we were able to piece together some of the following:

He'd been speeding...going about 35 in a 30 mph zone...
He may or may not have parked in a handicapped spot...
He removed a mattress tag...
I believe he may have stolen money from a Dunk N' Donuts tip jar, or perhaps a "take a penny, leave a penny" dish...
I know there was some more, but it escapes me at the moment.
Okay, I don't know how happy any of that would have made Satan, but I'm sure if there's a Hell and he exists, he's probably laughing his big red ass off...
He revealed even more on Friday's edition of the Onslaught, but, once again, the details escape me.

Azkath had expressed some curiosity as to how I'd been doing recently, and I explained that I'd pretty much become a new resident of Skyrim.
Yeah, that's what happens with this game. You don't just become addicted, you fucking move in. Welcome to your new life, whether it's as a Nord, Breton, Khajit, Argonian, or any other number of races available to you in what I beleive to be the greatest RPG ever made. Seriously, you think you've only been playing for two hours, and you realize it's actually four or five hours that have passed. It is the most immersive video game I've ever played.
Anyhoo, that brought on a full discussion of everybody's favorite old-school games. We basically ran the gamut of everything you could imagine from 80's arcade and console games.  Something was even mentioned  about a Cabbage Patch Kids game for Colecovision...
From there, it was generally agreed that most of us preferred Garbage Pail Kids (loved those disgusting little fuckers...). Strangely, it was during this part of the discussion that my tongue decided to betray me, and Garbage Pail started to come out as Gorbachev...eventually translating into Gorbachev Pail Kids...
Hilarity ensued...

So, finaly, onto the meat and potatoes of this recap. Here are the top albums of 2011 as picked by Joe, Rick, Josh, Bill, and myself, along with the songs we played to represent each album. Not necessarily in any specific order, mind you.
So, here goes!

Joe's Top Picks for 2011
The Bronx Casket Co.- Antihero (Antihero)
The Rods- Vengeance (I Just Wanna Rock)
Deceased- Surreal Overdose (The Traumatic)
In Solitude- The World, The Flesh, The Devil (Demons)
Gentleman's Pistols- At Her Majesty's Pleasure (Midnight Crawler)
Arch/Matheos- Sypathetic Resonance (Midnight Serenade)
Warbringer- Worlds Torn Asunder (Living Weapon)
Mortal Sin- Psychology Of Death (Blood Of My Enemies)
Isole- Born From Shadows (The Lake)
Sulaco- Build & Burn (The Approach)

Rick's Top Picks for 2011
Anthrax- Worship Music (Fight "Em 'Til You Can't)
Machine Head- Unto The Locust (Pearls Before The Swine)
Mastodon- The Hunter (Dry Bone Valley)
Septic Flesh- The Great Mass (Five-Pointed Star)
Vektor- Outer Isolation (Dying World)
Crowbar- Sever The Wicked Head (As I Become One)
Sulaco- Build & Burn (Corridor)
Ana Kefr- The Burial Tree (Thaumatrope)
Unexpect- Fables Of The Sleepless Empire (Unfed Pendulum)
Vallenfyre- Fragile King (Ravenous Whore)

Josh's Top Picks for 2011
Orchid- Capricorn (Black Funeral)
Motorhead- The World Is Yours (Rock N' Roll Music)
The Head Cat- Walk The Walk...Talk The Talk (Let It Rock)
Megadeth- Thirteen (13)
Hell- Human Remains (Plague and Fyre)
Arch/Matheos- Sympathetic Resonance (On The Fence)
Uriah Heep- Into The Wild (Money Talk)
White Wizzard- Flying Tigers (Fall Of Atlantis)
Iced Earth- Dystopia (Dystopia)
Anthrax- Worship Music (I'm Alive)

Bill's Top Picks for 2011
Lazarus A.D.- Black Rivers Flow (Light A City (Up In Smoke) )
Anthrax- Worship Music- The Giant
Winds Of Plague- Against The World (Drop The Match)
Megadeth- Thirteen (Guns, Drugs, & Money)
Machine Head- Unto The Locust (The Locust)
The Rods- Vengeance (The Code)
Chrome Division- 3rd Round Knockout (Bulldogs Unleashed)
Kittie- I've Failed You (We Are The Lamb)
Iwrestledabearonce- Ruining It For Everybody (Karate Nipples)
Evile- Five Serpent's Teeth (Centurion)

Randy's Top Picks for 2011
1. Within Temptation- The Unforgiving (Faster)
2. Megadeth- Thirteen (Public Enemy #1)
3. Ghost- Opus Eponymous (Stand By Him)
4. Chrome Division- 3rd Round Knockout (Long Distance Call Girl)
5. Chthonic- Takasago Army (Southern Cross)
6. Evile- Five Serpent's Teeth (Long Live The New Flesh)
7. Pagan's Mind- Heavenly Ecstasy (Walk Away In Silence)
8. Diamond Plate- Generation Why? (At The Mountains Of Madness)
9. Lazarus A.D.- Black Waters Flow (The Ultimate Sacrifice)
10. Mastodon- The Hunter (Curl Of The Burl)

So, before I wrap this up for this week, let's take a peek at those a little more closely. Last year, there was a great deal of overlapping. Not quite so much this year, but there is definitely some. Mastodon, Lazarus A.D., Evile, Chrome Division, Sulaco, The Rods, Machine Head, Arch/Matheos each appear on two separate lists, with Megadeth and Anthrax appearing on three lists.  Truth is,  if I'd been paying more attention when submitting my picks, Anthrax would have made it onto FOUR out of five of the lists for 2012!
So, I'd say Anthrax is back with a vengeance with what could be considered the best album of 2011 as picked by The Metallic Onslaught, followed closely by Megadeth,  and must-own albums by each of those acts that charted twice.
When it all boils down, you can't go wrong with any album on any of those lists! I'm pretty damned happy with the results!