February 25, 2012 - Neotheist

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Neotheist from Rochester, NY, visit the show.

Pat Travers - Killer's Instinct
Witch Mountain - Wing Of The Lord
Iron Mask - God Punishes, I Kill

Sword - Stoned Again
Astra - Quake Meat
Ministry - Double Tap
Pallbearer - The Legend

Dio - Invisible
Van Halen - As Is
Break Of Reality - Lateralus
Graveyard - Deathcrowned

Neotheist - Scars Of Melancholy
Christian Mistress - Haunted Hunted
Rage - Forever Dead

Faith Or Fear - Grinding Halt
Neothiest - Darkness Remains
Cannibal Corpse - As Deep As The Knife Will Go
Asphyx - Reign Of The Brute

Neothiest - The Truth Unseen
Eluveitie - The Siege
Psycroptic - Unmasking The Traitors
Orange Goblin - The Fog
Exumer - Fire & Damnation
Napalm Death - Fall On Their Swords

Neotheist - Megiddo Aflame
Thoughts In Reverse - Skywalker
Nokturnal Hellstorm - Eternal Wasteland
Pallbearer - Given To The Grave

Pilgrim - Quest
Corrosion Of Conformity - The Moneychangers
Savage Grace - After The Fall From Grace
Behold!The Monolith - Bull Colossi

Anvil - Paper General
Spater - Brain Dead
Motorhead - Stay Clean
UFO - The Last Stone Rider
Girlschool - C'mon Let's Go
Manowar - Hail And Kill

Tetrafusion - No One Sleeps
Iced Earth - Iron Will
Death - Zombie Ritual
Angel Witch - Dead Sea Scrolls

Faith Or Fear - Titanium

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

This edition of The Metallic Onslaught featured NeoTheist in the studio, an extreme progressive-metal act from Rochester. Very cool to have them on board, I'm happy to say they fit right in. Drummer Brady Mentz was even enough of a trooper to take a taser shot to the tush, courtesy of Raven.

Seriouisly, I'm pretty sure the guy volunteered, so that makes a grand total of two guests between the Onslaught and The Last Exit For The Lost who have willingly allowed themselves to be zapped. The other victim being Bryan from Sorrow Of Batavia, who not only took a shot to each ass cheek during one show, but came back the folliwing week to administer a shot all by himself! Which, being Bryan, really isn't so surprising. He did, after all, volunteer to ride to Cold Stone Creamery in Bill's trunk that one night a couple year's back...

Musicians can be sooo silly!

In all seriousness, this band's got some chops and you can hear their latest demo streaming live on their Facebook page. They'll also be celebrating their demo with an official CD release on March 31 at Monty's Krown in Rochester. Check 'em out!

Funny, I don't think the guys in the band knew that we had a reputation for insanity on the show, as they seemed a little shocked when Azkath came out and started beating on me for something I'd said. Honestly can't remember what triggered that particular beatdown, but it seemed to confuse the band just a tad. I assured them that it was all more or less part of a "normal" Onslaught evening.

Speaking of the usuall craziness, in addition to Brady getting zapped, Jeffie was on hand once again. Seems he can't get enough of that damned taser, which I kind of look at this way:

As it stands, if it makes him happy and he leaves the rest of us alone, where's the harm? Let him fry himself silly! (Sillier...?) It's really only annoying when he gets zapped while latched onto somebody else (usually me...and it SUCKS!!!). So, I say we should all pitch in and get him his own taser, and he can sit iin the corner and play with it until he's a smoking, blackened husk sitting on the carpet!

Then, of course, Azkath will just make another...

Oh, remember when i'd mentioned the learning curve as applies to Jeffie? How it pretty much goes all the way around, coming full circle, so there really is NO learning progress? His continued dealings with Raven have more or less confirmed this theory of mine, as she continually beats the snot out of him before zapping him. Seriously, this lady showed some impressive martial arts skills, landing a kick straight to Jeffie's dome at one point. Sincerely, I wouldn't mess with this lady!

Once again, though, there's that whole "full-circle learning curve" thing...

There was further mention of No Pants Day. Now, some may say it's too soon to discuss such things, but the truth is, as of this coming Friday, we'll be looking at exactly two months from that particularly...ummmm, awkward...event. Now, the general consensus seems to be that the only way I can make the night worse would be to go completely naked, which I'm NOT GOING TO DO!

Jeeez, chill already, folks, I'm not that crazy!

As a matter of fact, it was pretty much agreed that I am not only to wear pants that day, but I am to wear DOUBLE pants! Two layers, on the first Friday in May? That could suck, considering you never know what early May can be like weather-wise. Shit, we could have snow on the ground or it could be in the 90's!

I personally guarantee that whatever goes down this year on No Pants Day, it will NOT be me who traumatizes everybody in the building! But, that doesn't necessarily mean we're coming away unscathed...

And besides, look on the bright side. Just a couple of weeks after No Pants Day, there's an even bigger event to look forward to, with that being Finger Lakes Metal Fest!

See, there really IS light at the end of the tunnel!