February 18, 2012 - Josh and Kris from 2CW


This night we had Josh and Kris from a local wrestling promotion, 2CW in studio most of the night!

Listen to the Show;

Orange Goblin - Death Of Aquarius
The Element - Promises (At Least One Sunny Day)
Primal Fear - Bad Guys Wear Black
Dio - Straight Through The Heart

Marchello - First Love
W.A.S.P. - The Real Me
Pilgrim - Masters Of The Sky

Spater - Evel Knieval
Mustasch - Destroyed By Destruction
Avatar - Let It Burn
Psycroptic - The Throne Of Kings
Lamb Of God - The Undertow
Eluveitie - Scorched Earth

Spater - Rat Salad
GoatWhore - Beyond The Spell Of Discontent
Legacy Of Disorder - Break
Trillium - Scream It

Cannibal Corpse - Followed Home Then Killed
Corrosion Of Conformity - The Doom
Iron Mask - Blizzard Of Doom
Asphyx - Of Days When Blades Turned Blunt
Asphyx - Der Landser
Sonic Syndicate - Denied

Caliban - Edge Of Black
Martyrd - Pain Of Reason
Tetrafusion - Cloudless
Desaster - All Hell's Horizon
Lay Down Rotten - Swallow The Bitterness

Spater - Revenge
Burn Everything - Ambulance Chaser
Mpire Of Evil - Hell To The Holy
Mortal Sin - Psychology of Death
Bleeding Through - Entrenched
Bleeding Through - Back To Life

Dio - Shame On The Night
Nevermore - In Bondage To Sin
Anvil - Strength Of steel
Cradle Of Filth - The Promise Of Fever
Motorhead - Get Back In Line
Lillian Axe - Bow Your Head
Girlschool - Hit And Run

Aborted - Of Scabs And Boils
Sulaco - On The Fence
Neotheist - Meggido Aflame
Thoughts In Reverse - Dead Poet
Saint Chaos - Nothing Is Forever

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Wasn't much time for craziness on this installment, but it was far from a dull evening. David Henninger from Spater was on hand to share the line-up for this years edition of Finger Lakes Metal Fest with us, and I'm here to tell ya, it's gonna be fucking KILLER! The bar has been raised, and I'm suspecting that Donselaar's might need to reinforce the builiding beforehand. No kidding, the place may not be standing by the time this is over! So, here's the facts as they stand. Finger Lakes Metal Fest will take place on Saturday, May 19. Once again, it will take place at Donselaar's in Cyde, NY and will feature 20 bands on 2 stages. As always, this is a FREE event, the only expenses you have to worry about are gas money to get there, plus whatever you want to bring to spend on merch, food, drinks, etc. Camping is available, in case you overindulge a bit and don't feel like driving home. Just bring a tent!

And, once again, this event will be emceed by The Metallic Onslaught! And now, the meat and potatoes! This year's line-up features the following:

Spater/ Inersha/ Tarantula/ Caged/ Horseface/ Lowkey/ Awaken/ The Untold Lies/ Order Of The Dead/ Hate Machine/ Circus Grenade/ Poetry In Black/ Dawn Of The Apocalypse/ Takken/ Burn Everything/ Stygian/ The Long Cold Dark/ Laestrygonia/ Cassidy Has Cholera/ Armed With Valor

Can you say "must-see"? Really, I can't think of a better show to kick the summer concert season off than this!

Speaking of potential "must-sees", Squared Circle Wrestling (2CW) will be putting on a show next Saturday at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn. Yeah, sounds crazy, but they're gonna do it, and the main event is going to be a STEEL CAGE MATCH! Inside of Suzy's! Still trying to wrap my head around that! All this and more was discussed as a couple of 2CW representatives told us a bit about this event, and more! I'm thinking it's gonna get a little wild in Auburn next Saturday night!

Not much else to speak of this week, besides the excitement over the impending Iron Maiden concert at Darien Lake. They'll be performing their on July 16th, and I really couldn't conceal my enthusiasm over this show. Bottm line, I've NEVER seen Iron Maiden! Every chance I've had to see them, something had to go wrong. Powerslave tour? Parents wouldn't let me attend due to a downswing in my grades...Somewhere In Time tour? College classes and lack of money...Seventh Son Of A Seventh Son? Lack of funds...

You get the gist, I'm sure...

So, yes, I'm keeping my fingers crossed on this one. This could very well be my last chance to see them for a long damned time, considering I'm pretty sure the last time they came around here was Ozzfest 2005...Seriously, between that, Mayhem Fest, and some really cool upcoming club shows, 2012's looking to be pretty damned kick-ass!