February 11, 2012 - Drophead, Azkath, and Jeffie

Keith from Drophead stopped by the show, as did Azkath, and finally Jeffie. Chaos was had...

Listen to the Show;


Lillian Axe - Gather Up The Snow
Girlschool - Watch Your Step
Van Halen - Bullethead
Crimson Glory - Queen Of the Masquerade

Crimson Glory - Lady In Winter
Iced Earth - The Trooper
Grave Robber - Fill This Place With Blood
Astral Doors - Pearl Harbor
Lamb Of God - The Number Six

Asphyx - Deathhammer
Mpire Of Evil - The 8th Gate
Orange Goblin - The Fog
Goatwhore - Judgement Of The Bleeding Crown
Legacy Of Disorder - Break

Desaster - Troops Of Heathens, Graves Of Saints
Lay Down Rotten - Hades Resurrected
The Devastated - Zombies
Wombwrecker - Death Curse
3 Inches Of Blood - Leather Lord

Drop Head - Inside My Head
Saint Chaos - Hellfire
Leeway - Mark Of The Squealer
Nine Round - The Disease
Tetrafusion - Spider Silk

Anvil - Mad Dog
Anvil - Machine Gun
Anvil - Bushpig
Mystic Prophecy - Eyes Of The Devil
Avatar - In Napalm
Atomkraft - Teutonic Pain
School Of Violence - We The People

Motorhead - Killed By Death
Bleeding Through - Final Hours
Aborted - Our Father, Who Art In Feces
Burn Everything - Ghosts Of The Waves
Combat - Age Of Discord
Asphyx - Vespa Crabo
GoatWhore - When Steel And Bone Meet

Megadeth - Deadly Nightshade
Mpire Of Evil - Devil
Oz - Black Candles
Orange Goblin - The Bishops Wolf
Heidevolk - Fought To Freedom
Sulaco - Make A Move

Nine Round - Lost In The Fold
Mustasch - Dead Again
Pilgrim - Misery Wizard
Psycroptic - The Throne Of Kings

Netherbird - The Beauty Of Bones
Metallica - (Anesthesia)-Pulling Teeth
Anthrax - Metal Thrashing Mad
Riotgod - Slow Death

Dr. Living Dead - Kindergarden Cop

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

As promised last week, Josh got his first dose of schooling in the music of Crimson Glory, as Joe played "Queen Of The Masquerade" and "Lady Of Winter". I'm happy to say that Josh enjoyed what he heard, and I'm hoping he'll eventually invest in a couple discs in the future. Just stay away from Strange And Beautiful...

We were also featuring some great new music last night, playing new tracks from Asphyx, Van Halen (not a bad album, overall, worth checking out!), and GOATWHORE!!! I also highly recommend the newest from Orange Goblin, called A Eulogy For The Damned. This one is quite possibly an early contender for my top 10 of 2012. Well, maybe...still got a long way to go!

Had a couple of surprises, the first being a visit from Lance! Hey, I'm gonna give the guy credit, he's been trying to drop in a little more frequently as of late. Granted, on the night of the Tribute To The Past show he didn't appear until the last set of music, but he came down the following week and hung out with Joe and Rick while the rest of us were in either Rochester or Ithaca. It's good to have him hangin' out again!

Lance hadn't been there very long when the doorbell rang again. Couldn't imagine who it could have been in this case, because it was only 10:00 p.m. Imagine my surprise when I opened the door to find Azkath and crew! Hell, normally they wouldn't be in the vicinity until around 11:30 or so! And that's two straight weeks that he's been there early! Could we be setting a new trend? Hmmmm...only time will tell...

Azkath didn't waste any time in busting my nuts about an anti-Rick Santorum tirade that I'd made on my Facebook page. Wasn't just me, though, as a certain article on the internet sparked a great deal of anti-Santorum responses from the metal community. In a nutshell, the article in question dealt with a "war on heavy metal" that Santorum was waging as he continues to gain approval for the Republican nomination. Turns out, though, that the article was posted on a satirical news site, and the whole thing was just a big joke. So, yeah, I reacted a little prematurely, before realizing what was actually going on, and Azkath called me on it. I confess, I'm terribly gullible sometimes...

So, knowing it's only three more months until No Pants Day, the discussion somehow got on the whole man-kini thing again. I jokingly made some references to what I'll possibly do to traumatize everybody this year. Truth is, I can't possibly beat last year without streaking through the studio, and that would probably get us cancelled. I definitely do NOT want that...

So, if anything, I'll just find a cool new pair of funny boxers to wear, or maybe a kilt, who knows...plenty of time to think of something fun!

Azkath departed after a relatively short time, and we're pretty sure it was because he knew Jeffie was going to make another appearance. At one point I took a moment to give Jeffie hell for going on an extended fishing trip without me. Hey, I freakin' love to fish, and I really don't get to do it very often. But, he explained to me that I was left out so that he and Joe could enjoy some one-on-one time... God/Goddess forbid I should come between Joe and Jeffie in their one-on-one time!

Jeffie made up for months of lost time by playing numerous rounds of "What's In Jeffie's Pants", which went abysmally wrong when he decided to try hiding Raven's taser in his pants. Talk about roasted nuts! The smell of burning Jeffie pubes wasn't exactly pleasant, to be honest...

It was actually funny, because that was the only time that he really DIDN'T enjoy getting zapped. Maybe he'll learn some discretion after this...l

Oh, who the hell am I kidding? The learning curve when it comes to Jeffie just goes all the way around, continuously coming around full circle, never really going anywhere. I think I can pretty well guarantee that he'll want to get zapped again, probably soon.

Things just got sillier when Jeffie broke out his dragon hat. You honestly need to see this thing to appreciate it, and unfortunately no photos were taken last night. There WAS some more video filmed, though, so I'm pretty sure some of the footage should feature that monstrosity.

Let's put it this way, somebody referred to him as Barf, The Magic Dragon at one point, and that really does kind of sum it up!

Jeffie also broke out this little kitten hand puppet that he's got, and we all ended up kissing the puppet. Personally, I didn't mind one bit, I've never been adverse to kissing the occasional kittie.

Don't think about it too hard, now...

As the evening wound down, Foul Mouth Girl gave Jeffie a blast of perfume to the eyes, effectively blinding him in the closing moments of the show. It proved to be a bit awkward, of course, as Jeffie attempted to find his way around the Stupid Room, and further blasts of perfume from both FMG and Raven didn't seem to be helping him much.Although those blasts DID help to make him smell better! Honestly, on his best nights, Jeffie smells worse than a Lost Horizon mosh pit, so every little bit helps...