February 4, 2012 - Nine Round in Studio

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Nine Round were interviewed on the show this night, and it also marked the return of Jeffie. See below for a full recap.

Iron Fire - Taken
Astral Doors - Lost Crucifix
Lamb Of God - King Me

Heidevolk - The End Of Victory
Riot - Sins Of The Father
Lillian Axe - Gather Up The Snow
Primal Fear - Metal Nation
Amoral - Wrapped In Barbed Wire

The Element - She's Made From Sand
Grave Robber - Something Wicked This Way Comes
Machine Head - Locust
Orange Goblin - The Bishops Wolf

Nine Round - The Disease
White Noyze - Mirror Mirror
Hellsaw - Sorrow Is Horror
Behold The Monolith - Witch Hunt Supreme

Nine Round - Lost In The Fold
Cry to The Blind - From Now On
Diabulus In Musica - Shadow Of The Throne
Legacy Of Disorder - Treading The Tainted Path
Stonecreep - Kiss Of The Northern Sky

Nine Round - Soldier
Saint Chaos - Nothing Is Forever
RAM - Under The Scythe
The Sacrificed - Ark Of The Covenant
Dead Icons - No Pain Goes Unpunished

Fork - My Enemy
Drop Head - Fighting For Air
Leeway - Stand For
Bleeding Through - Goodbye To Death
Lamb Of God - Staight For The Sun
Lamb Of God - Desolation
Warbringer - Living Weapon
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl

Diamond Tyr - When You're Near
Burn Everything - Directed By David Lynch
Aborted - Of Scabs And Boils
Birth A.D. - Kill Everything
Earthbound - Victim Of A Madman

Arthurian Shield - Battle Of Camlann
Mortal Sin - Paralyzed By Fear
Riotgod - Crossfade
Heidevolk - Fought To Freedom
Probot - My Tortured Soul

Metal Church - Battalions
Venom - Countess Bathory
Black Sabbath - Cardinal Sin
Combat - The Mutant Inside
Hellcannon - Raiders Of The Waste
Kyng - Trampled Sun

Bleeding Through - Step Back In Line
Sulaco - Dingy Metropolis
Orange Goblin - Return To Mars
Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, last night was the first night that the majority of us were all in the studio since we counted down our Top 10's about a month ago. Hard to believe, but true!

Just to bring everybody up to date, Joe had been vacationing in Florida, and he returned in time for last week's show. Bill, Erica, and myself had gone to Rochester that night to watch Cry To The Blind put on a killer show in honor of their latest CD, From Now On. I was able to record about 95% of the show, and you can find those clips on CTTB's YouTube page.

A couple of night's later, Rick and I were in Buffalo to take in Machine Head's show at the Town Ballroom, as well as to interview Robb Flynn, which was an awesome experience all around. The interview went very well (although it is a little hard to see, gotta look into an external lighting source...), and the show was flat-out amaing. If you've never seen them, by all means check them out. Well worth it! As for the interview, it's up on the metalwulff YouTube page and pretty much raking in more views than any other interview we've done in the last year or so.

Anyway, moving right along. It didn't take long to get back into the normal swing of things. Before too long there was a highly disturbing discussion regarding a mysterious mark on my sweatshirt. I'm positive it's just a bleached out spot, but there was some further speculation as to what else could be responsible. What followed was an exchange of double-entendres the likes of which I'd never experienced before. It'll be worth a playback just to hear about Josh's Tide Rifle...

Speaking of Josh, he dropped a revelation last night that completely floored me. I mean, he's the resident Power Metal expert on the show, and he'd admitted that he'd never heard anything by Crimson Glory. Now, bear in mind that just two weeks ago Azkath expressed surprise when he discovered that I not only knew who Crimson Glory were, but also owned three of their albums! For Josh to be unfamiliar with them just floored me! Don't worry, next week we're going to take care of that!

We had Nine Round as guests last night, and they stuck around for a good couple of hours. Now, on their own, this band is a pretty damned tight unit, but there's also a long history of local talent making up this band. Bassist Steve Sarratori and guitarist John Farley in particular can trace their roots back to roughly 1986, contributing their talents to bands like Satin Steel, Diamond Tyr, White Noize, Redezra, and Saint Chaos, just to name a few. Hell, in addition to playing some of their own originals, we threw in some of that classic material as well, which was pretty damned cool, if you ask me!

Had a good time hanging with those guys, hope to have 'em on again soon! In the meantime, there is now a video interview with them up on the metalwulff YouTube page. Check it out!

Last night also saw the return of Jeffie, and I was actually celebrating his return!

For about five minutes...

Carnage ensued in the form of numerous taserings. Azkath had brought Kal along, as well as a new friend by the name of Sheila, who really didn't put up with a lot of Jeffie-style foolishness. In fact, she was the person wielding the taser, which would have been almost impossible to miss if you happened to be listening. Unfortunately, tasering just made Jeffie sillier AND more annoying, and even numerous taserings couldn't seem to keep him down. Also, unfortunately, I got caught directly in the middle of a couple of those taserings, since Jeffie was firmly latched onto me when they happened...seriously, not an experience I'd personally recommend for anybody. Highly unpleasant...

Funny thing: I was supposed to have been Roasted last night. I honestly thought they meant in the comedic fashion. That wasn't the case at all, as it turns out. The Onslaught crew were sincerely planning on roasting me...over an open fire...and having a barbecue...well, at least Josh mentioned that he planned on eating me. Odd, never took him to be the cannibalistic type...

All told, the tasering was about as close to getting cooked as I came, though. Glad to say, I'm more or less alive and well. Still, I might have to stay on my guard in the coming weeks...