January 14, 2012 - Order of the Dead

Listen to the Show

Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
Nightwish - Scaretale
Whitesnake - A Fool in Love
Alice Cooper - He's Back (The Man Behind the Mask)
Laestrygonia - Fenrir
Kyng - Trampled Sun
Isole - Condemned
Mayan - Drown the Demon / Celibate Aphrodite
Order of the Dead - Subversion
High on Fire - Death is a Communion
Burn Everything - Ghost of the Waves / Between Airports and Hospitals
Legion of the Damned - Killzone
Order of the Dead - Brotherhood of Darkness
Riot - Crawling
White Wizzard - Blood on the Pyramids
Vader - Whisper
Crowbar - Protectors of the Shrine
Order of the Dead - What Humans Remain
Benediction - Painted Skulls / Violation Domain
Morbid Angel - Eyes to See, Ears to Hear
Death - Lack of Comprehension
Killing Culture - Lockfist
Order of the Dead - Neurot / Despot
Combat - Judas
Grave Descent - Surgical Awakening
Between the Buried and Me - Augment of Rebirth
Gigan - The Raven and the Crow
Bolt Thrower - This Time It's War
Cradle of Filth - Hell Awaits
Six Feet Under - Sick in Twisted
Napalm Death - Plague Rages
White Zombie - Creature of the Wheel
Type O Negative - Cinnamon Girl
Machine Head - Struck a Nerve
Orchid - Black Funeral
Argus - Wolves of Dusk
Charred Walls of the Damned - Ashes Falling Upon Us
Nightwish - Turn Loose the Mermaids
Megadeth - You're Dead
ICS Vortex - Oil in Water
Black Sabbath - Heaven and Hell
Diamond Head - Dead Reckoning
Red Fang - Throw Up
Triptykon - Abyss within My Soul
Supreme Pain - Trapped in Heresy
The Black Dahlia Murder - On Stirring Seas of Salted Blood

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard
The band Order Of The Dead was there in the first portion of the program. They are a very cool band. Rick was hosting the show because Joe was out of town for a couple of weeks. We think he has gone shark fistishing with Jeffie again, no matter how much or strongly he denies it. So Rick and Josh held down the fort on this night. A lot of very cool, rockin' metal was played...