Janaury 21, 2012 - Tribute to the Past Show

Listen to the Show

Black Sabbath "Tomorrow's Dream"
Tesla "Cumin' Atcha Live"
AC/DC "Walk All Over You"
Motley Crue "Slice of Your Pie"
Whitesnake "Slow and Easy"

Iron Maiden "Rhime of the Ancient Mariner"
Ratt "Scene of the Crime"
Slayer "Chemical Warfare / At Darn They Sleep"
Anthrax "A Skeleton in the Closet"

Badlands "Rumblin' Train"
Guns 'n Roses "Rocket Queen"
Lita Ford "Dancin on the Edge"
Black Sabbath "Lady Evil"

Cerebral Fix "Unity for Who"
Coroner "Reborn Through Hate"
Kreator "Riot of Violence"
Ludichrist "Most People are Dicks"
Razor "Evil Invaders"

Scorpions "Speedy's Coming"
Motorhead "Stay Clean"
Judas Priest "Dissident Aggressor"
Deep Purple "Storm Bringer"
Gillan "Lucitania Express"

Vendetta "Go and Live, Stay and Die"
Destruction "Bestial Invasion"
Wargasm "Bullets and Blades"
ZnoWhite "War Machine"
Legacy "Reign of Terror"

Corrosion of Confomity "Kiss of Death"
Suicidal Tendencies "Possessed to Skate"
S.O.D. "Milk"
Dead Kennedy's "Nazi Punks Fuck Off"
Negative Approach "Nothing"
Cro-Mags "Hard Times"
DRI "I'd Rather Be Sleeping"
Fear "I Don't Care About You"
The Exploited "Anti-UK"
Black Flag "TV Party"

Kix "No Ring Around Rosie"
Faster Pussycat "Babylon"
Shotgun Messiah "SexDrugsRockN'Roll"
Ozzy Osbourne "Rock n Roll Rebel"
Def Leppard "Hello America - Live"
Cycle Sluts from Hell "I Wish You Were a Beer"

Blind Illusion "Blood Shower"
Sepultura "Troops of Doom"
Death Angel "Mistress of Pain"
Holy Moses "Dear Little Friend"
Tankard "Zombie Attack"

Megadeth "Looking Down the Cross"
Flotsam and Jetsam "Iron Tears"
Diamond Tyr "The Restless One"
Saint Chaos "Pressure"
Scorcher "More Whiskey"
Krystal Synn "We are the Ones"
Immaculate Mary "Give It All You Got"

Mercyful Fate "Nuns Have No Fun"
Dangerous Toys "Scared"
Sword "Children of Heaven"

Recap written by Randy "MetalWulf" Smith

Not a lot in the way of hijinks for this particular show, which was very much about the music.
So, I'd celebrated my...ummmm...well....sigh...
(46th... man, is that even fucking POSSIBLE? Damn...)
birthday on Tuesday. Not my best moment to be honest, as I was down with a dose of the plague right up through Wednesday. Not the first time I'd been sick on my birthday by any stretch, kinda goes with the territory of being born pretty much right in the heart of the winter season. Still, it sucked, and made me wish more than ever that I'd been conceived in...oooh, I don't know...July...August...hell, even an OCTOBER birthday would be more fun! Halloween-themed birthday parties? FUCK YEAH!!!!
Anyhoo, I'm digressing, so let's get that train of thought back on the right track before we completely derail. We all know how horrible that can be when that happens...
 In a nutshell, by the time last night rolled around, I was feeling much better, and was more than ready to take part in the show we'd planned on having to celebrate my birthday this year.
Many months ago (like, back in August or so...), we'd discussed the possibility of doing something called a Tribute To The Past show, which is something done on The Last Exit For The Lost at least a couple of times a year. The idea is that all the music played is of the old-school variety. Nothing played that came out after 1989 is the general rule of thumb, although the rules can be prodded and twisted just a tad.
So, at the time that the idea was originally breached, it just wasn't a good time. Bad time of year, way too many new releases coming up, but we'd agreed that maybe after the first part of the new year we could give it a try. And, since we always try to do something at least a LITTLE special for each of our birthdays, I decided that I'd like to try this format for mine.
So, we did, and it went amazingly well, if you ask me. It was honestly pretty damned incredible to just sit back and toss song  and band ideas around from that time period (60's, 70's, 80's...), many times surprising ourselves with tracks we'd completely forgotten about, or (for me, at least) being exposed to bands I'd heard OF but never got to enjoy back then (Coroner, Ludachrist, Shotgun Messiah, etc..., ). I think I actually shocked Azkath by having a copy of the first Crimson Glory CD. Actually, we never did get to play anything off of that disc. I'll have to tuck it aside and bring it again on another night...
Over all, the evening was a great deal of fun for all of us. Definitely will have to try that again sometime, especially on a night when Joe will be able to participate. (He was enjoying his final evening of a Florida vacation on the night of this particular show).

Of course, that doesn't mean there wasn't a down moment or two. I admit, I was very, very bad in the relatively early portion of the show. I snuck a Guns N' Roses track ("Rocket Queen") into the mix right around the time that Azkath arrived, which earned me a beating at his hands. Not only for playing G N' R, though, but also for saying I wouldn't be attending his Last Exit For The Lost show. Seems there's going to be a rare performance by Worm Quartet at this show (which will be held next Friday night at The Haunt in Ithaca), but the truth is that Bill, Erica, and I had already purchased tickets to go to Cry To The Blind's CD release show in Rochester.
Yep, Azkath wasn't at all happy to hear that...
Well, what's done is done, and I can only hope that Worm Quartet will not completely pack it in any time soon, because I really WOULD like to see Shoebox perform at least once.
So, yeah, there was a beating in the early part of the night, with my name all over it.
Beatings I can handle, for the most part, though. What I'm really not prepared for are the series of verbal lashings that will be coming my way in two weeks. Seems that Azkath wants to have a Metallic Onslaught Roast, with me as the subject...
Yeah, maybe I'll stay home that night...I think I may feel a relapse of that plague hovering in the wings...