November 19, 2011 - Armed with Valor

Recap by The Metal Wulf
Disclaimer: No sharks have been violated by any member of The Metallic Onslaught. In fact, while Shark Fisting may sound fun to certain adventurous types or those who are addicted to danger (or just the plain stupid, let's not forgot them!), when it's all said and done, it really just sounds like a good way to piss off the shark... and get killed and eaten by it... In other words, DON'T DO THAT!!! It was back to the usual chaos last night after doing a pre-recorded show last week. That actually makes two pre-recorded shows that I need to catch up on now. I'm a little intimidated to be honest... We had most of Armed With Valor in the studio. Always fun to have these folks sit in with us, although I think we confuse Stephanie a litlle... or a lot... (Really Steph, we're pretty harmless...maybe not entirely sane, but we're harmless!) Hey, I'll be honest, if I weren't accustomed to the show, I'd probably wonder what the hell was up with a discussion that started with something about corn meal, and evolved into making Swamp Muffins for Croctosquatch... Really, those are just the natural turns our discussions take. I can honestly understand why some people could end up brain damaged just listening to us!  Anyhoo...  There was also some concern over the whereabouts of Bill. The only thing we're sure of, 100%, was that he was at a viewing of the latest Twilight film, "Breaking Dawn". Now, I'm pretty sure he'd been kidnapped aggressively, by rabid Twi-fans, and dragged to the theater completely against his will. I mean, what kind of guy would actually OFFER to go? NOT MY BRO, THAT'S FOR SURE!!! But, Joe seemed pretty sure that Bill had volunteered his services, and that Bill is actually a Twilight fan. I find that a bit difficult to swallow, but I'm sure the truth will be revealed at some point! Jeffie was visibly absent, and I'd suggested that perhaps he was still cleaning his fists from his fishing trip last week. After all, it was he and Joe who were supposed to go fishing... or fisting... shart fistishing... shark fishing... Whatever... Either way, no Jeffie, and I'm still a little hurt at not being invited for the fishing trip. Not that I would have been in a hurry to fist any sharks... or sharts... however it went down... Maybe it's best I wasn't involved? So, the evening came to a close with Azkath wanting to confirm that I hadn't smoked in awhile, which, to be honest, I hadn't. Hard to remember when my last one was, to be honest.  Here's the official tale of the tape, so to speak. I haven't actually purchased cigarettes since the end of March. I've pretty much quit them entirely, except for rare moments where I'm hanging out at a show. Those are really the only times I want to have a cigarette or two. So, on the average, two cigarettes every two to three weeks, depending on how often I check out some bands. Hey, some folks are social drinkers, I'm more or less a social smoker. I can actually live with that! Azkath seemed pretty pleased that I'd been behaving myself, but informed me that it's now time to get working on bringing my weight down. Personally, I'm not gonna argue with the guy about the need to lose some pounds... but did he really have to beat the snot outta me to announce this next phase? 

Rush - Working Man
Megadeth - Millennium Of The Blind
Kyng - Bleed Easy
StormWarrior - The Ride Of Asgard
Brainstorm - Dark Life

Lonely Kamel - Grim Reefer
Charetta - Lights Out
Battlerage - Raw Metal
Fastway - Deliver Me
Outrage - Pact Of The Wicked

Isole - The Water
Black Pyramid - Endless Agony
Vektor - Dark Creations, Dead Creators
Ion Vein - Anger Inside
Trigger The Bloodshed - Devouring All That Is Kind

Armed With Valor - I Killed The Peeping Tom
Vallenfyre - As The World Collapses
Edge Of Paradise - Tail Of The Gun
A Plea For Purging - My Song

Armed With Valor - We Used A Band-Aid
Die Hard Till Death - Die Hard Till Death
Iced Earth - Days Of Rage
Sulaco - Build And Burn
Mortal Sin - Doomed To Annihilation

Armed With Valor - What All The Kids Are Craving
Midnight Chaser - Hotshot
Black Country Communion - Burn
Dixie Witch - Sevens
Rough Angel - Defiance

Carnifex - We Spoke Of Lies
Ashes Of Your Enemy - Face Of The Flood
Thousand Year War - Open Casket
Myrath - Dawn Within
Supreme Pain - Trapped In Heresy
Black Tusk - Resistor

Close Your Eyes - Scars
Counterparts - Pedestal
Hundredth - Weathered Town
The Gardnerz - Lady In The Grave
Sincera - Cursed
Suffokate - Always Hopeless

Objex - RSVP
Undergang - Table Scraps
Nekrogoblikon - Goblins Ahoy
Svolk - Overload

Slipknot - New Abortion