October 15, 2011 - Randy gets Hypnotized

Recap by The Metal Wulf 
Had a very strange night in some regards. Azkath from The Last Exit For The Lost had paid a brief visit, and for some reason I get a little fuzzy-headed when he's around. No worries, though... not like the guy can hypnotize me or anything... Still, it sure would be nice to know how in the Hell I was capable of sprouting a furry, claw-covered paw. Talk about messed up! Then the guys tried to convince me I was a werewolf, which is utterly ridiculous, of course. Those goofy fellas, I tell ya...
There was also some confusion regarding the return of the Plant From Hell. Honestly, wasn't sure if it was the same spiky-leafed monstrosity in a different planter, or if it was the terrible Spawn Of Plant From Hell. Whatever the case, I wasn't getting too close. I've still got the scars on my butt cheeks to remind me not to fool around with that thing in the room... Talked about last weeks Primus show at the Main Street Armory in Rochester. Great show, and as predicted most of us spent the week with Les Claypool bass-lines playing in our heads. Some folks may have been a little disappointed with the setlst, which was kind of sparse on hits, but everything was played to perfection. That, and we got two full sets of music, as the entire new album (Green Naugauhyde) was played front to back. Overall, no complaints!

One of the funnier moments in the show last night came during a discussion of Thanksgiving. This was a prime example of just how far off the beaten path we can get, and end up spiralling downward until we crash and burn. Honestly, I dont' remember how we got to discussing Thanksgiving, but from there I mentioned something about Turducken. If you've never heard of it, Turducken is a multi-bird roast, and is a pretty hot item among Cajun-style foods. Literally, it's a de-boned chicken, stuffed into a de-boned duck, stuffed into a de-boned turkey, also stuffed with a breadcrumb mixture or sometimes sausage. Just for those who have no clue as to what the Hell I'm talking about, mind you... So, we went from discussing that (which, let's face it, was already going off the beaten path), and less than two minutes later we're discussing John Madden and former WWE Women's Champion, Chyna, doing a porno flick together. For the life of me, I don't know how we made that jump. Logically, there was nothing there to sensibly connect Thanksgiving to John Madden getting freaky with Chyna. It made no sense... But damn it was funny! Seriously, it was such a diversion from the original topic that Joe felt it was necessary to play that new LuLu song (Metallica/Lou Reed collaboration, god-awful, in case you were wondering...) for added ambience. Much to our dismay, of course, because the song blows. Yet, Joe keeps insisting that we love it, so he keeps playing it... But yeah, sometimes it really doesn't take much to throw us off the beaten path and straight down the side of a big ol' hard rockin' cliff... Crash and burn!

So, on top of everything else, Jeffie was lurking about. It's always fun when Jeffie's around! It made my night coming back from a Dunkin' Donuts run to see him washing Joe's car! And he was doing a pretty thorough job of it, as well! Joe's convertible was getting hosed down pretty efficiently, inside and out! I just hope it had dried out enough by the time Joe went home... Have I ever mentioned that Jeffie's my best friend! I never realized it until last night, oddly enough, but he's the greatest! Always a blast when he's hanging around, with plenty of laughing and singing. We even capped the evening off with a chorus of "Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life" from Monty Python's "The Life Of Brian". How can you not love a guy who's into Monty Python, really? Oddly enough, Joe seemed to be getting a little grumpy toward the end of the night, saying that he hates the show. Must have had a bad day, or something. I mean, it couldn't possibly have anything to do with the rest of us!

The Answer - Caught On The Riverbed
The Parlor Mob - Into The Sun
Lance King - 333. Manifest Destiny
Astral Doors - Babylon Rise
Animals As Leaders - Isolated Incidents

Dio - King Of Rock And Roll
Overkill - Rotten To The Core
Anvil - Mothra
EdGuy - Fire On The Downline

Megadeth - Never Dead
J.B.O. - Long Live Metallica
Junius - All Shall Float
Black Tusk - Set The Dial To Your Doom
Svolk - 12 Times The Pain

Cradle Of Filth - Thank Your Lucky Scars
Volumes - Wormholes
No Redemption - Dying Day
Opeth - Pyre
Hammers Of Misfortune - The Grain
Blizzard - Killed By A Blizzard

Generation Kill - Dark Days
Five Finger Death Punch - Menace
Noctem - Seeking The Ruins Of Souls
Dub Trio - Swarm
Suffocate - Always Hopeless
Hundredth - I Hold The Key
Tonight We Feed - They Were Dead Before They Died

Ana Kefr - Parasites
Horde Of Torment - As I Lay Dying
Sindrome - Cathedral Of Ice
Tsjuder - Black Shadows Of Hell
Charred Walls Of The Damned - The Beast Outside My Window
Eye Empire - Bull In A China Shop

The Elves - Four Day Creep
Ashes Of Your Enemy - Face Of The Flood
Derek Sherinian - I Heard That
Kyng - Trampled Sun
To The Deep - What The Sun Created
Fuck The Facts - Alone
Wayne static - Thunder Invader

Seplophile - Lambs
Iratetion - Days In Truth
EXE - Slayer
Lobster Quadrille - Chop Chop
Lobster Quadrille - Rusty
Warbringer - Savagery
Evile - In Dreams Of Terror

Landmine Marathon - Liver And Lungs
Pedifile - The Definitive Apology
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl
Sulaco - On The Fence