Metallic Onslaught - March 24, 2023


Another edition of The Metallic Onslaught...



 Category VI - Coven
Suicide Silence - Be Deceived
Karbholz - Raubtier

Kamelot - New Babylon
Tragedy - Flashdance...What A Feeling
The Great Kat - Shredderrific
Utilitarian - Break Their Teeth
Smoulder - The Talisman And The Blade

Nanowar Of Steel - The Power Of Imodium
Fatuous Rump - Blood Is Really Warm With A Lot Of Screaming
Alex Nunziati - Possessed By Astral Entity
In Flames - Foregone Pt. 1
Blessed Curse - Street Freaks

Downfall Of Gaia - Bodies As Driftwood
Lumberghast - Go Team Girth
Wild Beyond - In The Footsteps Of Mars
Overkill - Wicked Place
Undead - Demon Of A Thousand Lies

Kosm - Losing Peace
Unfathomable Ruination - The Defying Symphony Of Universal Dissonance
Visitant - Dematerialization
Dawn Of Ouroboros - Velvet Moon
Ciemra - A Night For The Death

Witch Piss - Me And My Camaro
Owl - Jupiterean Ocean
The Abbey - Starless
The Otolith - Andromeda's Wing
Stoned Jesus - Thoughts And Prayers

Black Label Society - Parade Of The Dead
Netherbird - The Weight Of Vapour
Testament - Dark Roots Of Earth
Within Temptation - Iron
Warlock - Three Minute Warning

Kix - Dirty Boys (Demo)
Overkill - Overkill (Demo)
Sonick Plague - N.R.G.
Hellion - Screams In The Night
Riot - Run For Your Life

Vintersea - At The Gloaming Void
Rotpit - Let There Be Rot
Mezzrow - King Of The Infinite Void
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Ultimate Hammer
Necronomicon - Stored In blood

Wishing Well - Dogs Bark But The Caravan Rolls On
Blazon Rite - Salvage What You Can Of The Night
Telomyras - Throne Of Ruin
Mariana's Rest - Fear Travels Fast
Blood Of Heroes - Blood For Blood

Terranoct - Blighted Body
Night Demon - Obsidian
Redemption - Turn It On Again