Metallic Onslaught - April 14, 2023


Another edition of The Metallic Onslaught...



Metallica - 72 Seasons
Empire State Bastard - Harvest
The Medea Project - Cain

Belushi Speed Ball - We Aren't Thrashers, We Are Hipster Posers
Powerwolf - Altars On Fire
Savage Grace - Sign Of The Cross
Speedfreak - Baptized In Gasoline
Woe Unto Me - Mired Down In The Innermost Thicket

Hyl - Into The Unknown
Cattle Decapitation - Scourge Of The Offspring
Blud Red Roses - Mantra
Stillbirth - Autonomous Eradication
Ne Obliviscaris - Misericorde I - As the Flesh Falls

Visions Of Atlantis - Heroes Of The Dawn
Ad Infinitum - The Serpent's Downfall
Tardigrade Inferno - Fire, Plague And Locust
Kamelot - One More Flag In The Ground
Terranoct - Dystopian Dance

Abolish - Pervert Divine Doctrine
Dead Shasm - In Abhorrent Obscurity
Okkultist - Sixpounder
Omega Infinity - Iron Age
Haliphron - Mother Of All Evil

Face Yourself - Shadow Self
Dawn Of Ouroboros - Rise Of Disillusion
Monochromatic Black - Sadist
Akiavel - Souls Of War
Vintersea - At The Gloaming Void

Krokus - Headhunter
Cradle Of Filth - Babylon A.D. (So Glad For The Madness)
Celtic Frost - Procreation (Of The Wicked)
Orange Goblin - The Devil's Whip
Angel Witch - Angel Witch

Vicious Rumors - The Sign Of The Southern Cross
W.A.S.P. - B.A.D. (Demo)
Dark Angel - We Have Arrived (Demo)
David T. Chastain - Spontaneous Combustions
Dismember - Wardead

Order Of The Dead - Illusions
Speedwhore - Clutch Of The Sea
Terrifier - Depths Of The Storm Scepter
The Anchoret - Forsaken
Leathurbitch - Graveyard Eyes

Antisaint - To Create - Parasite
Boundaries - Bedlam
Paul Gilbert - Neon Knights
Tribulation - Axis Mundi


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