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Jeffie the Radio Guy

JeffieJeffie started showing up in the early 2000's back when it was just Rick and Joe. Jeffie was an experiment, Azkath from The Last Exit for the Lost tried to clone himself, and it failed. Instead he got Jeffie. Looks a bit like Azkath, but that is about it. Jeffie could be called stupid, but naive is more accurate. They have killed Jeffie. Many times. Azkath always makes more. It's like a cruel joke. Everyone has now lost count of how many Jeffie's there have been.

Jeffie likes most all music, especially loves local bands, and thinks of himself as a great interviewer and main star of the show. He also has some splinter personalities like Thor and Pepe, the less said about which, the better.


Randy Smith aka Metalwulf

RandyFirst showed up in November of 2008, Randy used to just show up on the full moon, now he's a regular. He also writes the archive recaps.

In his own words...

I've been involved with the Metallic Onslaught as a regular co-host for over five years, but my first appearance was actually just slightly over six years ago, when I made my debut as MetalWulf.


Rick Horton

RickRick is the 'second in command' of The Metallic Onslaught. He has been co-hosting the show since May of 1998. Rick is the go-to guy when things get out of control. Rick loves music, especially Death Metal. Rick is also the guy who connects with the bands and fans the most. He Emcee's some live shows and really just loves music!

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