Metallic Onslaught - March 17, 2023


Another edition of The Metallic Onslaught, starting off with a tribute to the late Jim Durkin.



Dark Angel - Darkness Descends
Dark Angel - The Burning Of Sodom
ShadowKill - Tathagata

Utilitarian - Profit Warning
Blak29 - Long Cool Woman
Heretic Plague - Skull Crawler
Mythraeum - Terrestrial Despair
Downshot - Streets Of Terror

Tragedy - Goldfinger
Insomnium - Starless Paths
Maerzfeld - Alles Anders
Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs - Big Rig
In Flames - State Of Slow Decay

Blood Of Heroes - Blood For Blood
Moon Oracle - Nethereal Axe
Bonginator - Zombie Party Rockers
The Great Kat - Shred Of The Dead
Downfall Of Gaia - While Bloodsprings Become Rivers

DramaScream - Come Play
Among The Wicked - High
Clockmen - White Whale
Dredneks - Circus Peanuts
Perspective - Firebrand

Ciemra - War
Ulthar - Flesh Propulsion
Majesties - Verdant Paths To Radiance
Nightmarer - Throe Of Illicit Withdrawal
Gorod - The Orb

Kobra And The Lotus - Warhorse
Aerosmith - Lightning Strikes
Diemonds - The Bad Pack
Bang Tango - Don't Stop Now
Rainbow - Gates Of Babylon

Sodom - Deathlike Silence
Meth Leppard - White Mountain Magic
Seducer - Don't Fall In Love (Rock 'n' Roll)
Malice - Stellar Masters
Krokus - Headhunter (Live)

DevilDriver - This Relationship Is Broken
Nanowar Of Steel - Pasadena 1994
Suicide Silence - Alter Of Self
Kamelot - The Great Divide
Al Atkins - Victim Of Changes

Kings Of Thrash - Wake Up Dead
Holy Moses - Cult Of The Machine
Lumberghast - Splatterhouse
Heimland - Iskald Raatten Jord
Kostnateni - Nevolnost je vše, čím jsem

Smoulder - The Talisman And The Blade
Burning Witches - The Dark Tower
Thulandra - As I Walk Through The Gateway
Dragoncorpse - Blood And Stones
Entheos - Oblivion