March 6, 2015 - Josh is Missing...

Randy, Rick, and Josh
Well, we had power again, which is a good thing! Power is important, dammit!
However, there was a price to having power, as Josh was absent on this evening. Yep, we traded him out for heat, light, and comfort.
Of course, it was also mentioned that Josh isn't really there most weeks...haven't seen that boy in forever...wonder what he's been up to?
Jeffie was back once again, and before the end of the night we had him believing that we were complimenting him by calling him "dink". Which, he is...a total dink...the dinkiest of dinks...
Jeffie mentioned being left alone at the new "studio" last week, during the power outage. Apparently we left the premises too early, leaving Jeffie time to include one last talk break. Having actually heard this, I can categorically say that Jeffie sounded absolutely terrified, although he denies it completely. I guess I can't blame him for being scared, I mean, he was there all alone, in the dark, and it was really cold that night...
Dammit, now I'm feeling sorry for the dink...
Violence ensued when Joe suggested they set a new record for the number of times we could beat Jeffie down in a single night, Joe  ended up comparing Jeffie to Cousin Luke from The Sheepherders. For those unfamiliar, The Sheepherders were the wrestling tag team that later became known as The Bushwhackers...sad, too, becuase i saw some extremely bloody Sheepherders matches before WWE (then still WWF) completely neutered them. This whole discussion led to Jeffie being described as a "whacker", which I'm pretty sure isn't that far off the mark. 
At one point, Joe suggested that Jeffie should put his "thinger" (I'm sure he meant "finger") into my belly button. This led to a reminder that, being a clone twice over, I have no belly button.  I DO still have a very deep divot, having traded one "inny" for another, deeper "inny".
Offers of deep divot pizza continue to be rejected, I should mention.
There was a slightly bizarre discussion focusing on my feet. I really don't understand what Joe's fascination with them was, but he went into some really inappropriate detail to describe just how gnarly he thinks my feet are.
And granted...I do have some fairly gnarly feet...but not in the sense that Joe seemed to think. Rest assured that green pus is not an issue...
The evening culminated with Joe ranting even more about my feet, using his hands to mimic the gnarliness of them. Which, I'm sure, translated really well to the listening audience.
It was remarked upon that Joe was getting a bit obsessed with certain things about me...specifically boogers and feet, and I don't think I can argue the point.  I mean, he was just going on and on and on about boogers and pus...right up to the point where somebody sneezed, covering Jeffie in a bit of both.
Which is actually for the better, because that dude's hair needs to be washed something terrible, anyway. It's okay Jeffie, snot washes out! 
- Randy MetalWulf

Lords Of The Trident - Kill To Die
Barren Earth - Sirens Of Oblivion
Dead Earth Politics - Men Become Gods

Cancer Bats - Cursed With A Conscience
I.N.C. - Stirring The Flock
Morgoth - Voice Of Slumber
Melechesh - Metatron And Man
Secret Of Boris - Desert Blood

Randy Rhodes Tribute - Believer
Randy Rhodes Tribute - S.A.T.O.
Ovid's Withering - The Omen Of Lycaon
Psycroptic - Cold
Chugger - Ignorance Divine

Carach Angren - The Witch Perished In Flames
Gideon - World Of Hurt
The Answer - Aristocrat
All That Remains - No Knock
Evil Invaders - Fast, Loud 'n' Rude

Karyn Crisis' Gospel Of the Witches - Alchemist
Torche - Bishop In Arms
The Midnight Ghost Train - Gladstone
Abhor (Rochester) - Mass Effect
The Agonist - My Witness, Your Victim

Abattoir - Vicious Attack (Maniac)
Rainbow - Stargazer
Demolition Hammer - .44 Caliber Brain Surgery
Deicide - Dead By Dawn
E.X.E. - Slayer

Randy Rhodes Tribute - Mr. Crowley
Black Star Riders - Soldierstown
Dr. Living Dead! - TeamxDeadx
Upon Wings - You Are My Weapon
Salem's Lott - Black Magic

Hate - Crusade Zero
Inhumatus - Existance Denied
Solanum - Friendly Civil Servant
Yesterday's Saints - Recursion
Venom - Mephistopheles

Big Hair - Bug Head
Leonard Nimoy - Ballad Of Bilbo Baggins
Marilyn Manson - Slave Only Dreams To Be King
Zepparella - In My Time Of Dying
Pound Of Flesh - Army Of Me

Lord Dying - An Open Sore
Napalm Death - Dear Slum Landlord
Crypt Sermon - Will Of The Ancient Call
Drum Wars - Stand Up And Shout
Obduktion - Deadly Cause

Girdle - Cocknocker
Saxon - Broken Heroes