February 20, 2015 - What to do with Randy?

Recap by Randy 'MetalWulf' - An early discussion focused on "Elan", the first single from Nightwish's upcoming new album, "Endless Forms Most Beautiful". It's also the first original material to feature newest vocalist, Floor Jansen. Now, for my money, it's not a terrible song, but I don't particularly love it. In fact, I was just a bit disappointed that they went with something that was obviously a safe choice for the new single. Really hoping the new album features some heavier material, which I know damned well this band is capable of.  In the meantime, I know more than a couple people who are starting to write Nightwish off as "Disney Metal", and I'm not so sure I can fully argue with that viewpoint.
Joe's obsession with boogers, spefically mine, continued. He seemed to think he'd seen me picking my boogers and attempting to shoot them into space with a slingshot.At this juncture, I just don't know what to make of these bizarre accusations. I'm starting to believe our long-suffering host has finally cracked... 
There was a discussion regarding a highly notable show coming around here soon. Big news, actually, because drum legends Carmine and Vinny Appice are bringing their Drum Wars show to...of all places...Lizard's Tailgator Lounge in Waterloo.
Yes, you read that right. Carmine Appice, legendary drummer who's career has spanned close to 50 years, who's played for some of the most notable names in rock, hard rock, and metal (Vanilla Fudge, Jeff Beck, Rod Stewart, Ozzy Osbourne, King Kobra, Blue Murder...the list goes on and on...) is coming to Waterloo, with his brother, Vinny. Vinny, who is also a drum legend in his own right, who is best known for his time in Dio-era Black Sabbath as well as Dio, and has most recently been recording and touring with his new band, Kill Devil Hill.
In Waterloo, people...it boggles the mind, it really does. And, the best part is, it looks like some of us are going to be in attendance at this show, and there could very well be an interview in the works!
I'll provide updates as the show draws closer!  
So, in recent weeks I've been avoiding singing as much as possible. Not because I don't care for it, but because for quite some time, when I did sing, it...ummmm...tickled...in certain areas...places that I probably shouldn't discuss in this forum, to be honest...Okay, guilty confession! For whatever reason, singing created a direct circuit straight to the ol' pleasure centers, so to speak. In fact, I'd stopeed singing because it almost got very awkward in situations where I was surrounded by people. I mean, I work with the public in my day job, fer Chrissakes! Do you know how uncomfortable it is to be even humming along to a tune and suddenly realize you're on the verge of pitching a tent? Good thing I wear an apron at work!
Sadly, things did get out of control on this week's show, as the guys just continued encouraging me to sing, over and over. And, well, let's just say we had a little incident toward the end of one of the talk breaks.
Enough about that... 
Honestly, there were other developments regarding my singing toward the end of the evening. I had moments once again where I'd wake up from napping, as much as I try to keep it together and stay awake. I vaguely remember being terrified for a bit when, for some reason, I couldn't remember lyrics to anything. Doesn't matter how well known the song was, I just flat-out couldn't remember the words!
Of course, in the case of a certain ditty called "Tomato Monkey" that Azkath provided, it's perfectly understandable. After all, that's got some terribly complex lyrical content! I can't even imagine how difficult that must be to perform live... 
This situation really upset me profoundly, because whether I can sing or not, I actually enjoy doing it! Not remembering lyrics was literally sucking the joy out of me...
Then, oddly enough, it wasn't a matter of forgetting the words anymore. It was a matter of singing EVERYTHING! Literally, everything that comes out of my mouth, I sing! Imagine Adam Sandler and his Opera Man character...only much, MUCH worse! Can you imagine the looks on the customers faces at work when I have to address them?
This is NOT an improvement!
36 Crazyfists - Slivers
Nightwish - Elan
Finsterforst - Zeit Fur Hass
Dr Living Dead - Triggerkiller
Acid King - Coming Down From Outer Space
Black Star Riders - Sex, Guns & Gasoline
Lay Siege - Black Cloud
Motor Sister - Devil Wind
NitroVolt - Lick It Up
Red Zone Rider - Hell No
The Haunting Presence - Continuously Assaulted By Spirit
The Order Of Apollyon - Eight Pillars
Barishi - Snakeboat
Akheron - Chemtrail
Blind Guardian - Prophecies
Byzantine - A Curious Lot
Hate - Doomsday Celebrities
Gehennah - Black Jack Loser
Abhor (Rochester) - Replication
Heaving Earth - Nailed To Perpetual Anguish
Napalm Death - Beyond The Pale
Trial - Ecstasy Waltz
Adrenaline Mob - Tie Your Mother Down
Voices - Hourglass
The Last Ten Seconds Of Life - Pain Is Pleasure
Solanum - Lunatic Tradition
Level 10 - Blasphemy
Rated X - Fire And Ice
Tool - Stinkfist
Viking - Hellbound
Annihilator - Burns Like A Buzzsaw Blade
Kreator - Some Pain Will Last
Mortal Sin - Lebanon
Accept - Too High to Get It Right
Venom - Stigmata Satanas
Crypt Sermon - Heavy Riders
Inhumatus - Erasure
Obduktion - Don't Forget Our Dead
Drum Wars - The Mob Rules
Yesterday's Saints - Cain's Agony
Lord Dying - Poisoned Altars
Thulcandra - Exalted Resistance
Marilyn Manson - Warship My Wreck
Taake - Stank
Tomato Monkey "Tomato Monkey"
Satanic Warmaster - Winter's Hunger
Zero Down - Cold Winters Night
Primitive Man - Bag Man
Zepparella - In My Time Of Dying
Order Of The Dead - Sucking The Marrow
Eternal Solstice - Encroaching Horde