January 2, 2015 - Best of 2014 Part 2

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Let's see, this particular night was our first official show of 2015, and it was also the second half of our annual Best Of countdown. Azkath still seemed very confused about some aspects of this whole phenomenon. I get his point in some ways. It's really hard to choose bands that could be considered the "best" of the year, so maybe it would be more appropriate to just say these albums were our top personal FAVORITES of the year?
An early discussion on this evening came about because it's not particularly comfortable in our new digs once the temperatures start to plummet.. But, despite the discomfort of our new digs this time of year, we're dealing with it pretty well, taking steps to gradually improve the situation. Of course, with that being said, I'm considered a bit of a puss when it comes to colder temps. As a matter of fact, the guys have called me the girl of the group for these reasons. As a matter of fact, on this particular episode it was hypothesized that I may have, at one point in the past, watched The Notebook while bundled up in a blanket, while eating Panda Paws ice cream.The scary part is, I DO bundle up with a blanket this time of year (usually with a cat in my lap)...I actually HAVE EATEN Panda Paws ice cream...and I HAVE seen The Notebook...sad to say. And, yes, it's likely I've done most of those, if not all, simultaneously, but not completely by choice, at least when it comes to The Notebook...
So, after being cloned once again, I've been dealing with some unpleasant aftereffects. Truth is, I don't know if it's from the cloning, per se, or if it's from the bit of tweaking that Azkath did with my brain following the most recent cloning attempt. Long-time listeners know that I have this sometimes annoying habit of randomly breaking into song. Honestly, it just doesn't take much to connect a random thought to a song, my brain is pretty friggin' insane in that regard. Sadly, anytime I try to sing these days, I have searing pain tear through my head. It's the closest thing I can imagine to having somebody fill my skull with high octane fuel and tossing a lit match in. Yep, it really, REALLY sucks!
Pretty sure nobody's going to take steps to rectify this little issue. The guys HATE it when I sing...
Unfortunately, our first show of 2015 also featured a visit from Jeffie, who I like to think of as the Village Idiot of The Metallic Onslaught. He even went so far as to claim that he was the host of the show, now called "Jeffie's Metallic Onslaught".  I mean, he's said for years that he's the Superstar of the show, but he's taken things just a bit far, if ya ask me. 
Still, in the end, I'd say the show finished on  a high note, as we seem to have stumbled upon a new nickname for him. Yep, from now on, we're callin' him Boner!


Arch Enemy - Never Forgive, Never Forget
Beyond Creation - Theatrical Delirium
Bloodbath - Mental Abortion
Exodus - Body Harvest
Goatwhore - Cold Earth Consumed In Dying Flesh

Gutted Alive - Endless Amounts Of Corpses
Machine Head - Eyes Of The Dead
Obituary - Back On Top
Order Of The Dead - Resistance Is Victory
Septic Flesh - Prometheus

Tryptikon - Tree Of Suffocating Souls
Grave Digger - Hell Funeral
Accept - Dying Breed
Stever - Green
Texas Hippy Coalition - Monster In Me

Chrome Division - Endless Nights
Sister Sin - Chaos Royale
Kix - Love Me With Your Top Down
Kobra And The Lotus - War Horse
Nightwish - Ghost Love Score

Horisont - Break The Limit
Amulet - Glint Of The Knife
Wo Fat - Read The Omens
Metsatoll - See On See Ma
The Dagger - Ballad Of An Old Man

The Shrine - Tripping Corpse
Riot - Kill To Survive
Corrosion Of Conformity - Tarquinius Superbus
Black Trip - No Tomorrow
Hammer Fight - Made In Rock

Black Crown Initiate - The Wreckage Of Stars
Exmortus - Foe Hammer
Five Dollar Crackbitch - Deathbeat At Dawn
Gutted Alive - Cadaver Haver
Internal Bleeding - Placate The Ancients

Kyng - Big Ugly Me
Obituary - Within A Dying Breed
Overkill - Miss Misery
Vallenfyre - Cattle
The Skull - For Those Which Are Asleep

Lich King - Thrashssacre
Shredhead - Witness Hell
Fetal Autopsy - Hung Bound And Castrated
Nunslaughter - Ride My Nightmare
Crypt Sermon - Will Of The Ancient Call

Herman Rarebell & Friends - Falling In Love (Featuring Gary Barden)
Voices Of The Dead - Witches Of Salem
Whyzdom - Waking Up The Titans

NilExistence - Screams Form Silence