September 5, 2014

Joe and Azkath host the first show back after cancellation from WEOS...



Neopera "Destined Ways"
Overkill "Miss Misery"
Sever the Drama "Wilson Phillips Anselmo"

Order of the Dead "Crimson Tide"
Opeth "Moon Above, Sun Below"
Alestorm "Drink"
Jeff Lebar "No Strings"
Morgoth "God is Evil"

Ace Frehley "Past the Milky Way"
A Sound of Thunder "Blood from the Mummy's Tomb"
YOB "Nothing to Win"
My Own Ghost "Crystal Ball"

The Sabbathian "Ritual Rites"
October 31 "Bury the Hatchet"
Ion Vein "Fools Paradise"
Stagger "Broken Mind"
Slipknot "The Negative Ones"

Fallujah "Chemical Cave"
Accept "Bloodbath Mastermind"
Wolf "Skeleton Woman"
Electric Wizard "I Am Nothing"

Entombed A.D. "Pandemic Rage"
Wovenwar "Prophets"
Funereus "Return of the Old Goat"
I Am Giant "Bought with Ignorance, Sold with Arrogance"

Northern Crown "Crystal Ball"
The Haunted "Psychonaut"
Order of Israfel "On Black Wings, A Demon"
Royal Blood "Blood Hands"
Striker "Second Attack"

Upon a Burning Body "Blood, Sweat and Tears"
Dark Fortress "I Am the Jigsaw of a Mad God"
Empress A.D. "Blurred Perception"
Hammerfall "Tainted Metal"
Cannibal Corpse "Icepick Lobotomy"

Black Tongue "Fauxhammer"
Vandenburg's Moonkings "Lust and Lies"
Unisonic "Manhunter"
Dragonforce "Fight to Be Free"
English Dogs "Gorgonized"

Innsmouth "Under the Pyramids"
Crimson Shadows "A Gathering of Kings"
Rival Sons "Play the Fool"
Incite "Who I Am"
Darkest Hour "The Goddess Figure"

Pathology "Throne of Reign"
Revocation "Deathless"
Colossus "Outcast"

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