September 12, 2014


Dire Peril "My Vengeance is Everything (Chaos Reigns)"
Prong "Remove, Separate Self"
Weedeater "Shitfire"
Mausoleum "Demon Droid"

In Flames "Paralyzed"
Hermia "Nightlives"
Fides Inversa "Mysterium Tremendum et Fascinans.II"
Thy Darkened Shade "Revival through Arcane Skins"
Amplifier "Black Rainbow"

Obituary "Visions in My Head"
Myrkur "Ma Du Brande I Helvede"
Solstafir "Rismal"
Stryvigor "Wherever the Stars"
Blood of Kingu "Enshrined In The Nethermost Lairs Beneath The Oceans"

Dimenzion "Epistemophobia"
Krieg "To Speak with Ghosts"
Project Arcadia "A Time of Changes"
Sleep of Monsters "Murder She Wrote"
Diesel America "My Prime"

Monuments "Garden of Sankhara"
Iron Reagan "Broken Bottles"
Abysmal Dawn "Inanimate"
Peter Alagic "Bleed, You Fucking Skies"
Ace Frehley "Starship"

YOB "In Our Blood"
Sabbathian "Ritual Rites"
Pallbearer "Watcher in the Dark"

Striker "Taken By Time"
The Order of Israfel "Promises Made to the Earth"
English Dogs "Royal Flying Corpse"
Opeth "Voice of Treason"

Halcyon Way "Concieved in Torment"
Vandenburg's Moonkings "Line of Fire"
The Haunted "Trend Killer"
The Atlas Moth "Holes in the Desert"
Dark Fortress "On Fever's Wings"
A Midnight Tragedy "Louder than Words"

Crimson Reign "Mr. Incarcerated"
Upon a Burning Body "Judgement"
Darkest Hour "The Goddess Figure"
Funerus "Below the Horns of Blasphemy"
Ion Vein "This is Me"
Fred Frees "A Hunting We Will Go"

Accept "Bloodbath Mastermind"
Autumn's Dawn "When the Sun Sets for the Last Time"
Trioscapes "From the Earth to the Moon"
Black Tongue "Purgatory"