October 17, 2014



Nachtblut "Schwarz"
A Breach of Silence "Hang Em High"
Doombringer "Grand Sabbath Reaps Souls"

Exodus "BTK"
Goremathon "Land of the Lost"
Godflesh "Deadend"
Doomed and Disgusting "Unleash the Vampire"
Anaal Nathrakh "Rage and Red"

Nuclearhammer "Nuclearhammer"
Toothgrinder "The Hour Angle"
Starkill "Winter Desolation"
Scar Symmetry "Cryonic Harvest"
Madden "Nuclear Puke"

In Search of Sun "To the Axe"
Like Monroe "Black Lungs"
Wolfborne "Out in the Streets"
Allen Lande "Lady of Winter"
Ancient VVisdom "Worm Ridden Skull"

Black Map "Head for the Hills"
Decapitated "Blindless"
Cutthroat "Blind"
Obituary "Violence"
Astral Doors "In the Name of Rock"

Bog Oak "The Science of the Afterlife"
Orange Goblin "Heavy Lies the Crown"
Black Crown Initiate "To the Eye that Leads to You"
Sanctuary "Let the Serpent Follow Me"
White Empress "Dethroned"

At the Gates "At War with Reality"
Apostle of Solitude "Blackest of Times"
Internal Bleeding "Placate the Ancients"
Whore of Bethlehem "Storm of Plague"
Ire Clad "God of War"

American Horror Story
Armored Saint "Can U Deliver - Live"
Butcher Babies "Pussy Whipped"
Cannibal Corpse "Vector of Cruelty"
Northern Crown "A Perfectly Realized Torment"

Morgoth "God is Evil"
Order of the Dead "322"
Sylosis "Mercy"
Horror Vacui "Return of the Empire"
Amaranthe "Danger Zone"

Gus G "Redemption (featuring Mats Leven)"
Riot "Kill to Survive"
Necrowretch "Even Death May Die"
Resistance "Apocalypse"
Pitch Black Forecast "Season in Hell"

Malformed "Venomous Prison"
Warhammer "Mass Burial"
Revenge "War"
Abigail "The Bonehunter"
Hit by a Bus "Boy"

Melvins "Skeeter"

The Movie