August 25, 2012 - A Jeffie Drunk on Bleach

Rush - Headlong Flight
Kiss - Flamin' Youth
Y&T - I Believe In You
Banshee - Taming The Beast

Katatonia - The Parting
Laestrygonia - Lo
Kyng - Trails In Veins
Stratovarius - Burn

Widow Sunday - Faces In Glass
Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Scratchin' & Sniffin'
Vore - Throne To The Wolves
Grave Digger - Hell Dog
Svolk - Painbringer

Agressive Betty - Incinerator
Woccon - Lament
Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising
Ex Deo - Along The Appian Way

Tarja - Over The Hills And Far Away
Autumn's End - Arise From Slumber
Black Sabbath - Zero The Hero
Dublin Death Patrol - Dehumanize
Zonaria - Gunpoint Salvation

The Last Vegas - Beat To Hell
Lynch Mob - Slow Drag
Elisium - AGV
Dawn Of The Apocalypse - Ritual Of Nomads
Hate Machine - Bring In The Butcher

Dead Horse Trauma - Night Terrors
The Faceless - Ten Billion Years
Prong - Snap Your Fingers, Snap Your Neck
Fetus Stench - Meat Grinder Flesh Obliteration
Testament - Rise Up
Loudness - Comes The Dawn

Obey The Brave - Live And Learn
MuckRaker - Conman
For The Fallen Dreams - Hollow
Periphery - Luck As A Constant
Fozzy - Shine Forever

Alice In Chains - Dam That River
Letters To The Exiles - Open Graves
Your Memorial - Shipwreck
Gideon - Overthrow
Ire Clad - Little Middle Man
A Hero A Fake - Port Hole

The Chariot - Your
The Chariot - First
Recap by The Metal Wulf

So, a couple of points to address here before I get to the subjects at hand for this week.

A. Any rumors of me being a Barry Manilow fan are highly, nay, GROSSLY exaggerated, and I can personally assure everybody that I WON'T be attending any of his shows at any point in this current lifetime.

Not fuckin' happenin'...

B. My apologies for my co-hosts for having to endure an evening of thoroughly repulsive gassiness on my part. Really, you had to be there...wait, actually, be thankful you WEREN'T there.Vile, simply vile...

So, with those being addressed, an early discussion came about regarding truck balls.

I'd never even noticed this particular phenomenon until Arydaea Insanity (aka Foul Moth Girl) pointed them out on our way to see Iron Maiden last month. Couldn't believe my eyes, quite frankly. I'm imagining it's how rednecks are currently making up for having small dicks...

Anyhow, further discussion centered around the possibility of video taping members of the Onslaught kicking these truck balls and running away, after leaving a sticker that says "Your balls have been kicked by The Metallic Onslaught".

Okay, I'm not going to go out on a limb and say this is going to definitely happen, but, Hell, keep your eyes on the YouTube channels, you never know what some of us may pull...

I should mention that we were Josh-less on this edition of the show. Josh had a very early Skype interview, literally having to be awake in time to do this at 4 a.m. Now, if Josh would allow himself the tiniest indulgence of allowing caffeine into his system, he may have been able to join us and still pulled his interview off, but he's such a damned Boy Scout sometimes. Sigh...

Seriously, Josh, would it kill ya to drink a pot of coffee every now and again, or chug a couple of Red Bulls? Hell, do like I do and take a tiny little power nap during a music break! You would have been fine!

With that being  said, we all hope his interview went well, and I'm sure we'll find out how the whole thing turned out this Friday.

Jeffie arrived, completely tanked on bleach. I mean, we're talking worse than usual. Seriously, the guy was totally fucking incoherent, mumbling something about eating a cloud, or maybe it was a clown?

There was some speculation that maybe he was eating his pillow, which prompted further speculation that maybe a clown was making him bite the pillow...

Fun imagery, isn't it?

He was also playing with a pet rabbit that he claimed to be keeping in his pouch, like a marsupial. Now, this is a strange claim, especially in light of his denial to having frog DNA. What, now he wants us to think he's a kangaroo?

Well, maybe a giant koala...?

He'd also brought up some nonsense about a fan on YouTube wanting to see my belly, but we're really not going to dwell on that.

Seriously, for those who want to see it, check out No Pants Day video from both 2011 and 2012, it's all there to behold. Just don't blame me when you get that urge to gouge your eyes out with a salad fork...

Jeffie also broke out his interview segment for the first time in quite some time. For those unfamiliar, this segment is entitled "Long And Deep With Jeffie, Filling It Up And Packing It In, Still With No Llamas"... ('cuz I, as Wulfie, ate his Llamas...) This night's victim was Tim Binder, who will soon be returning to L.A. until the holidays arrive. Jeffie grilled Tim about his music tastes, and Tim proceeded to go on and on about how he likes a lot of things, like Rick Astley and Aerosmith...and George Michael and Motley Crue...and Death Cab For Cutie...

Having gotten this dose of the world thru Tim's eyes, Jeffie promptly blinded Tim, and was subsequently covered in Tim's eye goo...


So, with all that being said, all that's left to announce is that 9 Round will be joining us in studio in the coming weeks, and will be performing a set of acoustic numbers for us. We're all hoping that if we ask nicely, REEEEAAAALLLLY nicely, mind you...maybe they'll break out a KISS song for us...'cuz some of us love our KISS!

Here's to hopin'!