July 7, 2012 - Ire Clad

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Listen to the Show;

Rhapsody - Of Michael The Archangel And Lucifer's Fall
Opium Symphony - Soul For Sale

Icarus Witch - Tragedy
Testament - True American Hate
The Company Band - House Of Capricorn
Tank - Grace Of God

Fist - I Don't Care
Death Angel - Evil Priest
Malice - chain Gang Woman
A Sound Of Thunder - Kill That Bitch

Ire Clad - Little Middle Man
Bonded By Blood - Sheperds Of Rot
Mortillery - Evil Remains

Ire Clad - Dead Alive
Gideon - Overthrow
Saint Diablo - Blood On The Bathroom Floor
Dr. Acula - Ironic Enclosure
Kreator - From Flood Into Fire

Ire Clad - Saints Of Lies
Vision Of Disorder - Loveless
Drone - Zombies In The Moshpit
Dust Bolt - March Thru Pain
Grave Digger - Rage Of The Savage Beast
Manowar - Black List
Chaosweaver - The Great Cosmic Serpent

Chasing Valor - Victorious
Ire Clad - Hazard
Pantera - Rise
Solstice - Cataclysmic Outburst
Manners - Widow Marker

Bathory - A Fine Day To Die
The Contortionist - Feedback Loop
Korpiklanni - The Steel
Holyhell - Lucifer's Warning
Oliver Dawson's Saxon - Hell In Helsinki
Delain - We Are The Others

Gojira - Pain Is A Master
Unleashed - The Hour Of Defeat
Dying Fetus - In The Trenches
40 OZ. Failure - Clawhammer
For Today - Immortal

Sanctuary - Battle Angels
Tony Iommi - No Stranger To Love
Dust Bolt - Oblivion
Jorn - Chains Around You
Lowriderz - Calling My Grave
Fear Factory - Recharger

Recap by The Metal Wulf;
Hard to believe we're half-way through the year already, and it's been a damned good one! Loads of good music has been released already, if you know where to look (although, probably NOT Wal-Mart or Target...). Lookin' forward to lots more before the year's out!

Anyway, had a couple of representatives from Ithaca's Ire Clad (bassist Eric Rodriguez and drummer Pete Schlough) on hand this week. Damned good band, and they'll be playing at The Haunt this Friday night, as they open for Bone Jar, alongside Sanjuro Fields. Should be a good time, check 'em out if you're in a musical mood that evening.

Regrettably, Eric and Pete were still in the studio when Jeffie arrived, and unfortunately, lap dances and head lickings commenced almost immediately. Pete ended up with a pixie in his lap, while Eric ended up with...me...

All I've got to say about that is that Eric seemed to be enjoying my presence in his lap maybe just a bit much, bouncing me on his knee like I was the world's largest three year old...scary stuff, and I got the Hell outta Dodge as soon as I could.

Not that it mattered much, as Jeffie proceeded to place me in Pete's lap, which was really no fun for either of us. In fact, Pete was very verbal about his desire to have the pixie return to his lap.

Speaking of the pixie, who has been fluttering about the studio a lot in recent weeks, she offered a totally unnecessary diversion while we were discussing my attending the upcoming Journey/Pat Benatar/Loverboy show in Canandaigua next month.

I guess for some reason the guy's thought I was getting turned on about Loverboy's Get Lucky album cover (you know...Mike Reno's ass...red leather...I'm sure the ladies loved it back in the day, frankly I tried not to think about it...), and I guess the pixie thought that pressing up against the window would get me off the subject.

And it worked!

All in all, she seems pretty cool and relatively harmless, I think we'll let her stick around for a bit.

Honestly can't remember too much about Jeffie's visit outside of the fact that Kendo stick shots were delivered to both members of Ire Clad.

I'm pretty sure Eric has no nerve endings anywhere in his body, as Jeffie's shot to his back completely broke the end off of the stick. Eric didn't even flinch...

I do remember trying to ask Jeffie how he was adapting to being part frog, and I wasn't able to get a response out of him. He seemed very vague about his feelings on the subject. Quite frankly, being terrified of frogs, I thought he would have gone completely out of his mind by now...

Oh, wait...too late...

Anyhoo, I do know that before the night was over, Lance had beaten the living snot out of Jeffie, but for all practical purposes didn't seem to leave any lasting damage upon him. So, I'm guessing he'll be back in a couple of weeks.
Speaking of which, the next installment of The Metallic Onslaught will be pre-recorded. Some of us will be going to Watertown for a 2CW wrestling event, while some of us may be taking in the first night of this year's Women's Right To Rock festival right here in Seneca Falls. Three days of rockin' ladies, whether solo artists or female-fronted bands! I've had a great time at this in previous years, very much worth checking out, and it's FREE! Come on down and hang out!