June 9, 2012 - a Thousand Shades of Cold Visit

Jorn - Ride Like The Wind
Jimmy Fallon - The Doors Sing "Reading Rainbow"
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons
Tank - Hammer And Nails
Napalm Death - Suffer The Children
Ihsahn - The Eagle And The Snake
Lowriderz - Cold Planet Earth
Malice - Stellar Masters
Grand Magus - Valhalla Rising
Circus Maximus - Burn After Reading
A Thousand Shades Of Cold - It's A God Damn Suicide
The Ghost Inside - Engine 45
Madball - Reap What You Sow
Mekong Delta - Shades Of Doom
Kreator - Death To The World
A Thousand Shades Of Cold - Bullet Train To Tokyo
Livarkahil - Wrath Of God
Chaosweaver - Infected
Whitechapel - The Night Remains
Ereb Altor - The Mistress Of Wisdom
A Thousand Shade Of Cold - Suddenly
Ancient Cross - Candle Fades
Fear Factory - New Messiah
Royal Thunder - Drown
A Thousand Shades Of Cold - Flatline
Pantera - By Demons Be Driven
Shadows Fall - Blind Faith
I, Omega - Cannibals
A Thousand Shades Of Cold - Sweet In November
For Today - Stand Defiant
Mucky Pup - Woody
Burn Everything - Vengeance And The Night Sky
Kill Devil Hill - Old Man
Awaken - My Silent Breath
L.A. Guns - Hollywood Forever
Ire Clad - Empower
Ruler - We Rule The Night
Mortillery - Voracious Undead
Diemonds - Take On The Night
Tuff - What Comes Around Goes Around
Jimmy Fallon - Neil Young Sings "Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air"
Architects (UK) - Feather Of Lead
Athiest - An Incarnation's Dream
Jorn - Live And Let Fly
Kreator - Phantom Antichrist
Marduk - Temple Of Decay
Gypsyhawk - Hedgeking
The Agonist - Everybody Wants You (dead)
Solstice - Transmogrified
Recap by The Metal Wulf;

So, not only were we joined in the studio by a band this week, we also had a visit from Will Polson, who hadn't been seen since...roughly...Rick and Josh's birthday's? Back in December?
Anyhoo...it had been quite some time, and a lot's been going on with our Will and Lindsey, not the least of which is the arrival of their first child, Austin William.
So, with that being said, I'm happy to report that Will seems to be enjoying fatherhood just fine, and that he has been fortunate enough to avoid being up to his elbows in baby poo, and has not, yet, been peed on excessively!
Poor Lindsey, on the other hand...
It was also Will's birthday, which we were woefully unprepared for. Had we remembered, I'm pretty sure some true Onslaught-style carnage could have been arranged for him. Maybe next year!
So, our guests this week were three members of Rochester hard rock act, A Thousand Shades Of Cold. Cool bunch of guys with a solid, modern sound. And yeah, they're probably not as heavy as most Onslaught listeners would like to hear, but they're still part of our local music family, and we were happy to give them some time to chill out with us and play some of their tunes.
Some points of interest regarding these guys currently are a prospective contract with UFC for use of eight of their songs. Now, most bands would be pretty thrilled to even have one song picked for this sort of thing, and for UFC to jump on eight of their tracks is pretty fucking spectacular, I'd say! Especially with the sport growing in popularity more and more, as the world slowly drifts away from the lameness that has become WWE...

For those who pay attention to our Facebook page (because we LOVE it when people visit our page!) , you may have noticed a very cool photograph taken by our long-suffering host, Joe Wyatt. He was able to get a pic of King Diamond done graffiti-style on the side of a train car in the Geneva, NY area. It is a truly bad-ass piece of artwork, and I strongly recommend taking a peek at the page to see it! Then, share the photo with your friends, and have them click "Like" on our page, as we're very near hitting 1,000 on Facebook, and well...we'd find that pretty damned cool!

Like how I came full-circle on that?

Joe dropped a couple of amusing tracks on us from a recently released collection of material from Jimmy Fallon. Seriously, imagine The Doors doing the Reading Rainbow theme, with Fallon sounding JUST LIKE JIM MORRISON!!! Pretty damned awesome, and it inspired me to sing a little "Riders On The Storm", which was received with absolutely no appreciation whatsoever. It did, however, inspire the first beatdown of the evening, with Josh and Will whaling away on me...

Don't know what the Hell was up with Jeffie this week. He seemed to be suffering from moments of amnesia, only occasionally knowing who Josh and I were, and not even remotely remembering Will. And for some messed up reason Jeffie seemed to think I was a transvestite, which couldn't be further from the truth.

Further evidence, to me at least, that Raven's "improvements" on Jeffie were not really improvements at all...

Or WERE they?

Hmmmmm...Jeffie doesn't remember us...possibly forgets us completely some day...doesn't show up any more...

Okay, so there are some definite possibilities here!

In closing, I'd like to stress that next week The Metallic Onslaught is going to be pre-recorded, as some or all of us will be in Rochester for Dream Theater's show at the Main Street Armory. Those who don't make it to that may be in attendance at Suzy's in Auburn, when L.A. Guns returns for another engagement.

If you're a fan of either band, I highly recommend getting out and enjoying them!