October 1, 2011 - Jeffie Gets Naked

Recap by The Metal Wulf;
Lots and lots of new music, as anticipated. It's a busy time o' year, that's for damned sure! Not that I'm complaining, 'cuz some of this stuff is pretty kick-ass! Case in point: Worship Music by Anthrax!! Such a great disc, it's a shame I've gotta settle for a burned copy for the time being. I'll have the real thing in my hands before too long. If you're a fan, you need to purchase it, NOW!!! One of the best of the year, mark my words! We played some tracks from Wayne Static's "Pighammer"  disc, really good stuff to be honest, but then I always thought Static-X were cool as hell, anyway. Some of this new stuff  is almost danceable, but I'll let you be the judge of whether or not that's a good thing. Me, well, I fully admit to movin' a bit, here and there... The new Machine Head is incredible, at least what I've heard from it so far. Another case of, if you're a fan, it's fully worty of your collection. I'm definitely looking forward to hearing  more. Folks seem a little on the fence about the new Opeth release (Heritage), both production-wise and vocally. Personally, the clean vocals don't bother me in the least, but I'm more of an old-school fan, anyway. Back when I started listening to this stuff, there was no such thing as growling in metal! And now I'm starting to sound old... Shit... Anyhoo, I've no complaints about anything I've heard off of Heritage. Once again, be your own judge, don't be swayed by the rantings of others. You've got a brain, so think for yerself, dammit! Of course, not everything that's coming is completely killer. Definitely wasn't overwhelmed by the Bulletboys cover of Accept's "Balls To The Wall". This track features a puzzling mega-phone-like effect during the main verses, completely unnecessary. Marq Torien is actually a damned good singer, and I just don't get it. He should have just gone...well...balls to the wall with it... And then Joe subjected us to a complete travesty.

Okay, I'm no big fan of Lou Reed, right out of the starting gate. Really, I just don't care about the guy. On the other hand, I really do love Metallica, especially the older stuff. I mean, say what you will about them now, but the first three albums are bona-fide classics. Whoever thought that combining the talents of both parties, though, should be systematically hung, drawn, quartered, and fed piece by piece to a pack of starving, rabid poodles. The track in question, called "The View", is utterly disappointing. I mean, I really wanted to give it an honest try, and I'm just not feelin' it. But hey, once again, that's just me, and if you think it's something you'd be interested in, by all means check it out.

We'd gotten into Joe's current sinus discomfort. He's not one to suffer from seasonal allergies or anything like that, but somehow he was just really congested. I'd mentioned how this is actually a rough time of year for me, telling how the goldenrod tends to kick my ass. That's goldenrod, the plant, NOT Golden Rod the sex toy as some would have suggested... Ahem...

Let's see... Jeffie received a phone call from Azkath during the show, and started to mention something about eight owls. Now, a few months ago, that would have sent everyone into mass panic. Actually, it almost did last night, but I had a thought. I told Jeffie to go ahead and pass the message along, which is, in case you've forgotten, is "There are eight owls in my tree".
Previously, this would have triggered full-on Viking-rage in me, and Olaf would have come out for a visit, but, strangely, that didn't happen. Which is completely fine by me, because that guy was completely out of his mind! Must be that the head trauma that spawned Olaf in the first place didn't apply after I'd been cloned! Fine by me!

Somewhere during this discussion, something was mentioned about "intellectual property", mostly regarding the overall quality of the intellects involved. My answer to that? We don't call it the Stupid Room for nothin'!
Speaking of stupid, we were trying to keep the violence level of the show to a minimum last night, as Jeffie threatened to get naked if anybody hit him. Now, at one point EVERYBODY was getting hit for one reason or another, but once Jeffie announced that, well, things got a little more peaceful VERY quickly! Of course, at the end of the show, it stopped mattering, and Jeffie started getting naked anyway. Couldn't tell ya much of what happened next, because I took the smart route and just closed my eyes...

Anyhoo, I'll be hanging back next week. Rick, Bill, Erica, and myself are goin' to check out Primus next Saturday night, and in order to get out early, I had to subject myself to an early Saturday shift. (Shudder...) But, I'll be returning on the 14th, and then on the 21st, none of us will be on, as that show will be pre-recorded as we go in separate directions for the evening. Rick will be going to Ithaca to check out Sorrow of Batavia and L.A.'s Ana Kefr, while the rest of us go to see Warbringer, along with Landmine Marathon, Lazarus A.D., and Diamond Plate!
Good times!

Dream Theater - Breaking All Illusions
Anvil - March Of The Crabs
Saxon - Back In 79

Opeth - Famine
Mastodon - Octopus Has No Friends
Jorn - Below

Alice In Chains - Check My Brain
Hull - Beyond The Lightless Sky
The Rods - Let Them Eat Metal
Bulletboys - Balls To The Wall
Sulaco - Build And Burn
Mortal Sin - Burned Into Your Soul

Wayne Static - Thunder Invader
Kyng - Porcelain
Warbringer - Demonic Ecstasy
Landmine Marathon - Morbidity
The Devil Wears Prada - Mammoth
Dead By Wednesday - God Like Feeling

Spater - Desolate Endeavor
Megadeth - Never Dead
Crowned By Fire - Sex With A Ghost
Anthrax - Judas Priest
Machine Head - Pearls Before The Swine
Lou Reed & Metallica - The View

Misfits - Ghost Of Frankenstein
Rose Funeral - Amidst Gehenna
Arch/Matheos - Neurotically Wired
Edge Of Paradise - Shredenstein
vader - The Black Eye

Fear Of God - Betrayed
Mastodon - All The Heavy Lifting
Wayne Static - Slave
Kyng - The Beauty Of The End/Shoreline Pt. 1 & 2

Anvil - 666
Dream Theater - Outcry
Thin Lizzy - Thunder And Lightning
Chrome Division - Long Distance Call Girl

Forced Entry - Bludgeon
Vio-lence - Phobophobia
Slayer - Cleanse The Soul