July 23, 2011 - Burn Everything

Recap by Randy, aka The Hoax Formerly Known As MetalWulf

So, with the past couple of recaps I've been trying to kick things off with the sane topics. Pretty good system, to be honest, so let's stick to that! Matt Dalberth, a staple among the local scene for quite awhile, was in the studio last night to promote his newest band, Burn Everything. Far cry from his days with Forty Oz. Failure, but times and circumstances change, and to be honest, it sounds like he's got a good thing going on here. So, if your're interested in hearing what they're like, it just so happens that if you go to Burn Everything on Facebook, you can actually download tracks for free, and I know that's gotta sound good to somebody! Personally, I'd say it's too good to pass up! You can also catch them live at the upcoming Hage Fest, a yearly 3-day event in the Sodus area that features a whole slew of local and regional bands. It takes place the weekend of August 19-21 this year, and I'm betting we'll be getting some visits in the coming weeks from some of the bands that are to be featured. Oh, I think it's  worthwhile to mention that there were some guilty confessions on the show during Matt's visit. Matt confessed that he'd actually purchased Bon Jovi's "Slippery When Wet" when he was younger, and was set straight by a cousin who exposed him to Slayer's "South Of Heaven". Joe and I confessed to actually seeing them live. In my case, it was just once, with them opening for .38 Special just after "Slippery When Wet" was released, and in Joe's case it was actually twice! Oh, c'mon, like YOU'VE never seen or supported a band and later realized that you're not necessarily very proud to admit it... So, there was some discussion about Monday night's show at the Montage Music Hall in Rochester. Great show, featuring headliner Devin Townsend with Obscura, and some very cool local openers, Psychopath, Malformed, and Exit Eistence. I highly recommend checking them all out! Rick and I were able to get a brief interview with Devin, and once it's gone through a ltitle bit of an audio clean-up, we'll be posting it on YouTube and sharing with everybody! Gotta say, we were lucky to get this opportunity, because things had kinda gone south during the course of the day. Devin's bus had broken down, delaying the band's arrival by a couple of hours, so it was just after 9:30 when we got to do the interview. Still, Devin was very cool, and we just appreciate the fact that he was willing to take the time with us!

So, more on this cloning nonsense. Seems like my own brother is getting in on the joke. (C'mon, what else could this really be?) So, Bill says that parts of my "corpse" had been ground up, and he suggested that his cats really enjoyed eating...me... -.- On top of that, he even suggested that his girlfriend, Erica, had eaten "Randy Burgers". Okay, c'mon, the silliness has to stop somewhere. I mean, cannibalism? Really? REALLY? Sorry, still not buyin' it, but if they really want to pursue this madness, I'm sure it's making for some humorous Onslaught moments! If it benefits the show, so much the better! Let's see, got to discussing a five-minute trailer promoting the return of Beavis And Butthead. Hey, personally, I freakin' LOVED that show! Of course it was crass, immature, occasionally vulgar, but it was also funny as HELL! Personally, I think it's the smartest move MTV has made since...well..since the FIRST time Beavis And Butthead originally aired! Really, life is just better with those two idiots on the television screen. Let's see, what else... Ah yes, had a surprise visit from Lance! Yes indeed, for the first time in EIGHT MONTHS, Lance paid us a visit! All the more surprising, because I thought he'd gone to see Motley Crue and Poison at Darien Lake. But, it seems he'd sold his tickets and decided to drop in to say "Hi" to us! Had a discussion about current wrestling topics. Seriously, overall, whether you watch WWE or TNA, things have kinda sucked as far as story lines go. I mean, TNA seems to have better action lately, and WWE lately has insisted that they aren't a wrestling company. Really, what does that tell you... Still, we discussed some potentially interesting goings-on, and mentioned that there was actually a lot of genuine wrestling action on the most recent addition of Raw. Joe, of course, felt the need to remind us that wrestling, at the end of the day, is still fake. We know, Joe, but we still enjoy it. It's still real to us, dammit!


Trivium - Dusk Dismantled
George Lynch - Son Of Scary
Eternity - Dead & Cold
Symphony X - Dehumanized
Burn Everything - Directed By David Lynch
Seven Witches - Eyes Of Flame
Megadeth - Bad Omen (Randy Burns Mix)
Gentlemans Pistols - Sherman Tank
Burn Everything - They Don't Advertise Killers
The Quill - Pace That Kills
Hands - Restart
Altars - Volition
Burn Everything - Ambulance Chaser
Morbid Angel - Where The Slime Live
Morbid Angel - He Who Sleeps
Morbid Angel - Rapture
Burn Everything - Crumbling Monolith
Slayer - South Of Heaven
I.N.C. - Swallowed
Cannabis Corpse - Immortal Pipes
Burn Everything - Kenny Jihad
Exhumed - I Rot Within
Fair To Midland - Rikki Tikki Tavi
Ringworm - To The Grave
Jungle Rot - Bloodties
Zombie Shaker Box - Gates Of Hell
Clinging To The Trees Of A Forest Fire - Garbage
Annotations Of An Autopsy - Stage Breaker
Iwrestedabearonce - Karate Nipples
Warbringer - Livng Weapons
KYNG - Trail In Veins
Lamb Of God - 11th Hour
All Shall Perish - The Death Plague
Gigan - Mountains Perched Like Beasts Awaiting The Attack
Ana Kefr - Bathos And The Iconoclast
Unexpect - Mechanical Phoenix
World Under Blood - Dead And Still In Pain
Exit Existence - Wreckage Of The Damned
Shadowside - Inner Monster Out
Mescaleros - Don't Give A Damn
I Am Abomination - Abduction
Overkill - Thanx For Nothin'
Hail!Hornet - Beast Of Bourbon
Dying Fetus - Born In A Casket
Cenotaph - Sacrificial Suicide
Chelsea Grin - All Hail The Fallen King
August Burns Red - Poor Millionaire
Vanna - I, The Remover
Who Cares - Out Of My Mind
Sepultura - Embrace The Storm