Interview with Colin Busse of Abhor - March 13, 2015


Rick interviews Colin Busse of Rochester, NY based Abhor. 

Abhor is a progressive death metal band from Rochester, NY. The group started in the winter of 2011, hell bent on bringing djent to their hometown. After a series of lineup changes, a group of musicians solidified. Abhor features layered harmonies and leads with crushing riffage and a tight rhythm section focused on "djently" outlining the patterns and meters that keep their songs moving.

The members have a wide range of influences, including the almighty Meshuggah, Vildhjarta, After The Burial, Animals as Leaders, and Periphery. Abhor's music is progressive, aggressive, destructive, experimental, and epic.

Abhor has recently finished recording a 10 track EP which is now available to download for free at Listeners will find a broad spectrum of tones, patterns, rhythms, and harmonies.

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