January 25, 2019 - Jeffie and the Snowmen...

Thanks to my tendency to forget things, I didn’t arrive to the show prepared to take part in the proposed Randy Death Match. In turn, the room was overflowing with gratitude.

In the wake of a massive snowstorm that had recently passed through, Jeffie told us how he had attempted to make a snowman and bring it to life, ala Frosty. Not surprisingly, it didn’t work. He had even tried using a wide variety of hats, but to absolutely no avail. In frustration, he set the hats on fire, thereby melting the snowman.

The unfortunate side, more than anything, was that he’d done this on the front lawn of a school, and had stolen all the hats from school children. And then paused to wonder why the police and teachers got so angry...

Josh and Tim arrived, and Jeffie had suggested an activity that I can only think of as the Jumping Frenchmen Challenge. Apparently French lumberjacks are very ticklish, and if you startle them with a tickle, they’ll do whatever you tell them...? Don’t look at me, I’m just repeating the nonsense that Jeffie was spewing out.

In the “I Should Have Just Kept My Mouth Shut” department, I’d lamented that nobody had remembered my birthday the previous week. This resulted in a series of lap dances from Jeffie, Tim, and Eric, which further resulted in about a week’s worth of mental trauma.

Better to just age gracefully AND quietly...

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Ektomorf - Tears Of Christ

Troll - The Witch

Tribulation - The Lament

Lord Of Pagathorn - Evil To Destroy Evil

Ghost - Mummy Dust (Live)

Stray From The Path - Only Death Is Real

Watain - Towards The Sanctuary

Tricounty Terror - Outlaw Texas Rose

Arkona - Shtorm

Avslut - Avslut

Avatar - Legend Of The King

Corpse Hoarder - Circle Of Eight

Bloodshot Dawn - Shackled

Apostle Of Solitude - Keeping The Lighthouse

Corrosion Of Conformity - Old Disaster

Pretty Boy Floyd - Run For Your Life

White Wizzard - Metamorphosis

Judas Priest - Lightning Strike

DramaScream - Sweet Revenge

Ovtlier - Broken Bones

Pollock - Wild Cry

Anabasis - The Chamber

The Alpha Fire - Rich Man

Asenblut - Asenblut

Bleeding Gods - Hera's Orchard

Empress - The Offering

Lechery - We're All Born Evil

Power From Hell - Freewheel Burning

Sex Dumpster - This Lonely Rope

The Crown - Iron Crown

In Shadows And Dust - Storm Of Revenge

Anialator - Thick Skinned

Pestilence - Non Physical Existent

Ignitor - Throw Them From The Cliff

Mike LePond's Silent Assassins - Avengers Of Eden

Atomwinter - Ancient Rites

Tankard - Empty Tankard

Smothered Bowels - Jellybean Lollipop

Dark Hound - Thrashgasm

Genocide Pact - Conquered And Disposed

Mammoth Grinder - Superior Firepower

Headcrusher - A Plague Upon Us

Candle - Frozen With Fear

L.A. Guns - Magdalaine

Black Sabbath - Headless Cross

Skid Row - Makin' A Mess (Live)

Nevermore - Next In Line

Nasty Savage - Hell Unleashed

Black Label Society - The Betrayal

Anvil - Warming Up

Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals - Delinquent

Mammoth Grinder - Rotting Robes

Genocide Pact - Structural Dissolution