August 14, 2015 - Joe Quits.

We had to bust Josh's balls just a little bit, as his computer seemed to be stuck on 80's music that night...and not particularly good 80's music, either. In fact, you could hear A-Ha's "Take On Me" in the background during one of our final talk breaks of the evening. Still, it could be could have been Bon Jovi. Which brings me up to what was probably the main topic of the evening. This actually requires a bit of background to explain, so here goes. Josh LOVES Iron Maiden. We know this beyond a shadow of a doubt. To one degree or other, we all like Iron Maiden...except for Joe, who no longer cares for anything past the Paul Di'Anno years. Joe and I also love KISS, which isn't so surprising, considering the time frame that we grew up in. We've had some fairly intense differences of opinion regarding where we stand when it comes to both bands, mainly because Josh has, for the most part, claimed to love everything that Maiden has ever done. Joe has actually accused Josh on more than one occasion of being a total shill for Iron Maiden. He just doesn't seem to be willing to admit that they have, indeed, released some stinkers in their time. And, in all fairness, most bands have done so. Something that Joe and I are more than willing to confess to when it comes to KISS. Cases in point being the entire Unmasked album (piece of shit, there is absolutely no redeeming or forgiving that album, especially the track "Shandi"...), anything in the 80's that came after Lick It Up (although Animalize had a few decent tracks), and Psycho Circus (aside from the title track, I thought it was the worst comeback album in history). Joe and I are willing to admit that those albums actually suck, to one degree or other. So, imagine our surprise when the discussion actually made it to the airwaves, and Josh actually admitted that he hates ONE Iron Maiden album! No Prayer For The Dying, to be precise! And the craziest thing about the whole discussion was Joe's reaction...he quit the show and made me the host! Yep, Joe was so shocked by Josh's statement that he seemed to feel that he couldn't continue as host, handed me the mic, and told me I was in charge! Kinda caught me off guard, to be honest!

Of course, this almost traumatized Josh and Rick, as their biggest fears were suddenly realized. That being that I would make the show one big Jackyl-fest. Now, I like Jackyl, I really do, but I also know that they're not the greatest fit for our show. So, rest assured, should I really ever take over the hosting duties, there will be no Bon fucking Winger, as I hate them more than any other band on the planet. No disrespect to Kip Winger, in all honesty, I just thoroughly detested their music. But, it's really not that big a deal, as Josh actually retracted his statement in order to get Joe back in the hosting seat, so to speak.

Azkath joined us about mid-show, asking how I was feeling after the previous week when he beaned me in the head with a large ceramic flower pot. I'm actually doing pretty well, thanks to the ol' clone-healing thing I've got going on, but I still get a little confused. But, that could just be me, naturally. Not gonna deny it! Azkath also wanted to know how things were going with Spanky, and wanted to know when I was going to let him move in. I reminded him that he has, in the past, seen my apartment. There is NO ROOM for a mutant unicorn/centaur at all, and I sure wouldn't be able to corral him in the back yard. Besides, train tracks run behind my building, and I think that would terrify him.
Still...I could make a little money offering rides to the neighborhood children...hmmmm...

-Metal Wulf


Soulfly - Mother Of Dragons
Stryper - Yahweh
Sinister - Compulsory Resignation

Man The Machetes - Tung Luft
Mindless Self Indulgence - Personal Jesus
Chris Caffery - Death By Design
My Hollow - Kings With No Castles
Sirens And Sailors - Hate Me Blame Me

Deathblow - Death Wish
Cain - Earth's Exinction
Huntress - Flesh
Motorhead - Electricity
Dark Sermon - The Rat King

Kaiserreich - Bianco Freddo
Crown - Wings Beating Over Heaven
Kraanium - Acid Cumbustion
Vae Solis - Feral Isolation
Pentagram Chile - Ritual Human Sacrifice

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats - Waiting For Blood
The Sword - Mist & Shadow
The Oxford Coma - When The Levve Breaks
U.D.O. - Man And Machine
Act Of Defiance - Thy Lord Belial

Deathrow - Riders Of Doom
Destruction - Curse The Gods
Detente - Shattered Illusions
Dio - Sacred Heart
Dr. Know - War Theater

Cattle Decapitation - Apex Blasphemy
Battlecross - Shackles
Black Fast - Until Dust
Grim Vision - Ten Minutes
Rivers Of Nihil - Sand Baptism

Jack Dalton - Past Swallows Love
Chemical Burn - X's For Eyes
Death Angel - Caster Of Shame (Live)
Masters Of Metal - Vengeance & Might
Fear Factory - Protomech

Gutted Alive - Post-Mortem Explosion
Clutch - X-Ray Visions
Noctum - Until Then...Until The End
Trivium - Silence In The Snow
Rifftera - Open Wounds

Operation: Mindcrime - Re-Inventing The Future
Oceans Of Slumber - Kashmir
Orchid - John The Tiger
Lamb Of God - Engage The Fear Machine
Kataklysm - Marching Through Graveyards

Cemetery Lust - Resurected Whore
To The Pain - Killzone
Lynch Mob - Sanctuary
Mutoid Man - Dead Dreams
Archer - Culling The Weak