October 3, 2014


1349 "Golem"
Keeper "Electric Funeral"
Apostle of Solitude "Blackest of the Times"

Internal Bleeding "Plague Agenda"
Mastercastle "Straight to the Bone"
Stryper "Soldiers Under Command - Live"
Black Crown Initiate "Great Mistake"
INC "Organ Grinder"

Exodus "Salt the Wound"
Unearth "The Swarm"
Cognition "Recoil"
Maplerun "Buried Alive"
Hang the Bastard "Beyond the Pale"

Philm "We Sale at Dawn"
Sempiternal Dusk "Moon Beneath Hook Cross"
TNT "10,000 Lovers in One - Live"
Steak "Machine"
Starkill "Virus of the Mind"
Lars Eric Mattsson "In Your Crystal Ball"

Tyrant's Kall "The Swamps"
While Heaven Went "Icarus and I"
Sonata Arctica "Kingdom for a Heart"
In Flames "Dead Eyes"
English Dogs "Planet of the Living Dead"

YOB "Unmask the Spectre"
Pallbearer "Foundations"
Hellion "Hell Has No Fury"
Halcyon Way "Eviserate the Morning Sun"
Sepultura "Territory - Live"

Obey the Brave "I Am Winter"
The Haunted "Kill the Light"
Between the Buried and Me "Lay Your Ghosts to Rest - Live"
Job for a Cowboy "Sun of Nihility"
Sanctuary "Question Existence Fading"

Orange Goblin "Devils Whip"
Soulbender "Slave to Reality"
Devin Townsend Project "Deathray"
Big Oak "The Resurrection of Animals"
In Faith "Church of Rock n' Roll"

Crucifixion BR "Schizo (Venom Cover)"
White Empress "Sven's Tower"
Sick of It All "Outgunned"
Machine Head "Now We Die"
Decapitated "Blood Mantra"

Obituary "Violence"
Slasher "Hostile"
Nader Sadek "Carrion Whispers"
Striker "2 Minutes to Midnight"

Fractured Spine "Dead to Me"