July 6, 2013 - Jayne Evil, Mercia and Order of the Dead

  • Published in 2013
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A Sound Of Thunder - Queen Of Hell
Karnivool - We Are
Powerwolf - Headless Cross
Stone Magnum - The Gallows Of Ohrdruf
Lord Dying - Water Under A Burning Bridge
Tear Out The Heart - Coffin Eyes
The Burial - Of Jasper And Carnelian
Tank - Retribution
Carnivore - Inner Conflict
Huntress - Running Wild
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
Deeds Of Flesh - Hollow Human Husks
Blood Red Throne - Torturewhore
Autopsy - Coffin Crawlers
King Kobra - Running Wild
Mercia - The Necromancer
Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain?
As They Burn - Frozen Vision
Havok - Under The Gun
Mercia - Exile In Ruin
Terror - The Most High
Spirits Of The Dead - Golden Sun
Jorn - Traveller
Goatess - Full Moon At Noon
Ire Clad - Blindside
Gorguts - Forgotten Arrows
Butcher Babies - Grim Sleeper
The Things They Carry - A Million Different Places
Satan - Personal Demons
Kalmah - Pikemaster
Scorpion Child - Liquor
Orphaned Land - Our Own Messiah
Beyond Creation - Social Disability
Amon Amarth - Father Of The Wolf
A Sound Of Thunder - Trashed
Moon Curse - Brontis
Extol - Ministers
Brutus - Crystal Parrot
High On Fire - 10,000 Years
Continents - Regrets
Queensryche - Spore
Into The Flood - By Way Of The Snake
Venomous Maximus - Path Of Doom
Lonewolf - Raise The Flag
Snow White's Poison Bite - Count Dracula Kid!
Angel Dust - To Dust You Will Decay

Recap by The Metal Wulf

Started the evening out getting Hell from Joe. Seems that he was serious about me posing as his body double for a certain birthday party, which he ended up missing because of a banana that he ate. Guess it didn't agree with him...
Hey, what can I say? I thought he was just joking around about that whole body double thing, I swear!
Anyhoo, to placate him, I went ahead and told him my plans regarding No Pants Day 2014. I assured him that he wouldn't have to show up, I'd take his spot, and that by doing so, there was no chance of me ruining the night by running around half-naked again, because I'd actually be HIM, and not me...
He seemed very intrigued by the whole idea, so we'll see how things develop.
Jane Evile joined us in the studio to promote her upcoming gig this Friday night at Women's Right 2 Rock 2014, held in Seneca Falls, right by the canal. Jane's band, A Taste Of Evil, will go on at 10:00 p.m., closing out the first night of the three-day event.
Speaking of Women's Right 2 Rock, Judas Priestess will return on Saturday night, hitting the stage at 9:00 p.m. We're hoping to get another chance to talk with some of the ladies before the show, so keep your eyes peeled for a YouTube interview.

We also had members of both Mercia and Order Of The Dead drop by. They were promoting Mercia's CD release party at the Water Street Music Hall in Rochester this Friday night.
Seriously, between the Onslaught, Women's Right 2 Rock, and the Mercia CD release... that's plenty of things to keep you occupied on a Friday night! If you're not enjoying one, you should take in one of the others, without a doubt!
The only other notable happening of the evening happened when Jeffie returned to get revenge on me for not saving him from floating down the canal in Joe's birthday cake...
Really? Revenge? ON ME? After what he and JustJoe did to me on No Pants Day? That shithead's lucky I didn't stuff him in a crate and toss him in the canal again...
Unfortunately, what DID happen wasn't nearly as cool as that. Instead, there was a very messy beatdown with styrofoam. Lots and lots of styrofoam...hard as hell to clean up, to be honest...
So, I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of discussion on Gigantour, as more than a few of us were present when it rolled into Canandaigua this past Saturday. Honestly, it was a damned good show, and I'm looking forward to hearing what some of the rest of the guys thought!


May 28, 2011 - Order of the Dead

  • Published in 2011
Order of the DeadRecap by Randy, aka Wulfie (Scatterbrain Rules!!!)

All told, it was a pretty laid-back evening with a focus on some new music, which is never a bad thing. Let's face it, that's one of the things that keeps us goin'! Also had members of Rochester's Order Of The Dead on hand, specifically Bill Lander (vocals), Jody Roberts (guitar), and Matt Zaso (guitar). Very cool guys, I must say, and it really helped that most of us pretty much fall into the same age group, so in between talk segments there was much reminiscing of rockin' times gone by, back when the big acts actually used to play in this area! Nah, I'm not holding a grudge, not at all... Oh well, at least the club shows are still kicking ass! Seriously, though, Order Of The Dead are pretty damned killer and I highly recommend checking them out, preferably on their MySpace page, where a lot of their songs can be heard. And really, how many reasons are left to visit MySpace? Savor it while ya can!

Let's see... Took some time to mention some memorable moments from Finger Lakes Metal Fest. We all had a great time, and we're all looking forward to doing it all again next year! Seriously, it would be extremely difficult to pick a favorite band or moment. Although, I will say that it was really awesome of Croctosquatch to come out and pay a visit... That WAS a Croctosquatch, wasn't it? Hmmmmmm...

Couldn't possibly have a night on the show without a bit of insanity, of course, and this week it all came about because I wanted to hear "Don't Call Me Dude" by Scatterbrain. Now, let's go back to the mid-to-latter portion of the 80's, when there was once a band called Ludichrist. Kind of a quirky, goofy punk/hardcore act. To this day, I've never heard a note played by this band, but I've always heard high praise for them. Now, after disbanding, vocalist Tommy Christ formed Scatterbrain, a quirky, goofy act with elements of punk, metal, hardcore, this and that. One of those hard to define acts. Bob Appel, now-departed host of Saturday Night At The Rock Shop, used to play Scatterbrain's "Don't Call Me Dude" (from the album Here Comes Trouble) pretty frequently, and it wasn't long before I had my copy on cassette. LOVED that album! Of course, things happen. Case in point: Cassettes occasionally fell victim to cassette players, and there was no saving them in extreme situations. Never did replace that damned tape... So, fast-forward to last night, as Josh and I searched the Onslaught cabinet for some requested music. I came across a copy of  Here Comes Trouble, and immediately thought "Damn, I haven't heard this stuff in AGES!!!" Joe wasn't overly receptive to playing "Don't Call Me Dude", though. Seems that Scatterbrain really weren't as well-liked as Ludichrist. I mean, even Azkath wasn't wild about the idea of playing it. So, here's the deal: I wanted to hear that song so badly that I offered myself up for an on-air beating. And they went for it! So, ultimately, I got to hear "Don't Call Me Dude". And then I got my ass kicked by both Joe and Azkath. Punches, kicks, clothelines, topped off with some shots from a hard-plastic storage case. All of which has been recorded for posterity, of course. Ultimately, the big question amounted to "Was it worth it?" In the interest of having the beating come to a conclusion, I said "No"...
But really, taking a few shots to hear a well-loved song? C'mon, what do you think? 

Ozzy Osbourne - You Looking At Me Looking At You
CypherSeer - Soul Sacrifice
Night Ranger - Lay It On Me
The Rods - I Just Wanna Rock

King Kobra - Rock This House
Anvil - Turn It Up
Metallica - No Remorse
Cry To The Blind - Tear Us Apart
Masterplan - Black Dog
Black 'N Blue - Candy

Haemorrahage - Traumaggedon
Pagan's Mind - The Master's Voice
Mayan - Drown The Demon
Autopsy - Born Undead
In Solitude - We Were Never Here
U.D.O. - Rev-Raptor

Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain
Deceased - Dying In Analog

Order Of The Dead - Subversion
Death Of A Dictator - Beaten And Broken
Doro - I Rule The Ruins
Type O Negative - Christian Woman
A Pale Horse Named Death - As Black As My Heart

Order Of The Dead - Bullets
I.N.c. - Full Metal Jacket
Novembers Doom - Harvest Scythe
Inevitable End - Chamber Of Apathy
Paper Thin Disaster - Early Grave
Enslaved - The Sleeping Gods
Here Comes The Kraken - Stoner Sundays

Order Of The Dead - Brotherhood Of Darkness
Morbid Angel - Nothing Is Not
Job For A Cowboy - Plastic Idols
Red Fang - Hank Is Dead
The Book Of Black Earth - Antarctica
Hell - Let Battle Commence

Of Wrath And Ruin - Forever Unseen
Cosmic Sea - March Through Flames
Psychopath - OMFG
Chamber Law - Get Up And Die
Sorrow Of Batavia - A Hollow So Vapid
Angels Beneath Me - This Art Is Suicide

Spater - Rat Salad
Siegewyrm - Unnatural Condition
The Long Cold Dark - Atlas
Ana Kefr - In The House Of Distorted Mirrors

Scatterbrain - Don't Call Me Dude
Venom - Warhead
Cry To The Blind - Better Than Me
Ace Frehley - Snow Blind

KMFDM - Lynchmob

Order of the Dead


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