June 29, 2013 - Joe's Body Double

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Scorpion Child - Salvation Slave 
Activator - ...the Whole Fuckin' Village 
Into The Flood - Eye For An Eye 
Orphaned Land - Let The Truce Be Known 
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Liked Us All - Realizing What Is Possible 
Newsted - Long Time Dead 
Autopsy - Running From The Goathead 
Every Knee Shall Bow - Slayers Of Eden 
Anacrusis - Terrified 
Kreator - Love Us Or Hate Us 
Piledriver - Witch Hunt 
Bloodfeast - Face Fate 
Bloodfeast - Blood Lust 
Butcher Babies - The Deathsurround 
Dream Death - Feast 
Darkane - Collapse Of Illusions 
Death Tyrant - Baphomet 
Queensryche - Vindication 
King Kobra - Deep River 
Mumakil - Redline 
Exhumed - Coins Upon The Eyes 
Jorn - Cancer Demon 
Extol - Open The Gates 
Fight Or Flight - Eraser 
Havok - Worse Than War 
Moon Curse - Northern High 
Venomous Maximus - Moon Child 
Brutus - Blue Pills 
Manowar - Gloves Of Metal 
Megadeth - Looking Down The Cross 
Exodus - And The There Were None 
Iron Maiden - Aces High 
Motorhead - Deaf Forever 
Satan - Incantations 
Anger As Art - Anger Is The Reason 
Beyond Creation - No Request For The Corrupted 
Entombed - Stranger Aeons 
The Black Dahlia Murder - Goat Of Departure 
Anvil - Hard Wired 
Spirits Of The Dead - Golden Sun 
Kalmah - Deadfall 
Revocation - The Hive 
Ramming Speed - Gorgon's Eye 
My Funeral - Thrash Winter 
Hellrider - Murders In Crystal Lake 
Recap by The Metal Wulf
Hard to believe, but the year is already half over. Boggles the mind sometimes...
Anyhow, we closed June 2013 out with, among other things, a discussion about one of the acts on the current season of America's Got Talent.
Funny thing...nobody expected death growls to come out of that little girls throat when she started singing. The expressions on the faces of those in the crowd (not to mention the judges...) were freakin' priceless, I've gotta say.
It'll be interesting to see what they bring to the table in the finals...
There was some mention about me being Joe's body double. Yeah, ridiculous notion, I know, but to hear it from him, it would be the most awesome thing in the world. I'd be his stand-in for work...for birthday parties or any other family functions he didn't care to attend...for softball games, on the days when it's too damned hot to be outdoors...
Riiiight...that's gonna happen...
Hell, Joe, I'll even go one better! I'll be your stand-in on the first Friday of May next year, that way you won't have to endure No Pants Day! I'll take the show over that night and nobody will know the difference!
We celebrated Fire Eater Wizard's birthday with a special set of music, and capped it off with a very moving rendition of "Happy Birthday", courtesy of me. Grammy-quality work, I assure you...
And, to wrap things up, in the last half hour of the show...well, I don't really remember how this came up...but Josh totally lost it when Joe said something about Turd Ferguson...whoever that's supposed to be...
Honestly...I don't think I've ever heard Josh laugh so loudly without being tickled.
I guess he just finds humor in turds... 
Anyhow, on the next installment of the Onslaught, we'll be having Jane Evile on hand. Been a couple of years since her last visit, so I'm betting there's going to be plenty for her to bring us up to date on!