January 5, 2013 - 2012 Top Albums

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3 Inches Of Blood - Storming Juno
Angel Witch - The Horla
Graveyard - The Suits, The Law & The Uniforms
Gypsyhawk - Frostwyrm

Overkill - Black Daze
Rush - Carnies
Tankard - Son Of A Fridge
The Graviators - A Different Moon
Unisonic - Never Too Late
Witchcraft - Dystopia

Adler - Habit
Bad Boy Eddy - She Gives Me A Feeling
Blessed By A Broken Heart - Forever
The Biters - So Many Nights
Fozzy - Blood Happens
Hess - Nothing Lasts Forever
Impending Doom - Deceiver
The Last Vegas - Evil Eyes
M-Pire Of Evil - Hell To The Holy
Otherwise - Silence Reigns

Kiss - Shout Mercy
Kreator - Civilization Collapse
L.A. Guns - Dirty Black Night
Lynch Mob - Slow Drag

Opera Diabolicus - Mythos Lamia
Orange Goblin - Red Tide Rising
Overkill - All Over But The Shouting
Testament - Throne Of Thorns
Tygers Of Pan Tang - Man On Fire
Witchcraft - Ghosts House

Allegaeon - From The Stars Death Came
Between The Buried And Me - Extremophile Elite
Burn Everything - Maintain Radio Silence
Cannibal Corpse - The Strangulation Chair
Gojira - Planned Obsolescence

High On Fire - Bloody Knuckles
Ire Clad - Force It Down
Rush - BU2B
Testament - Throne Of Thorns
Vision Of Disorder - Annihilator

Admiral Sir Cloudesley Shovell - Scratchin' & Sniffin'
Aeon - Dead Means Dead
Asphyx - Deathhammer
Candlemass - The Sound Of Dying Demons

Dublin Death Patrol - Death Toll Rising
Grand Supreme Blood Court - Bow Down Before The Blood Court
Jorn - Ride Like The Wind
Kiss - The Devil Is Me
Overkill - Wish You Were Dead
Southwicked - Graveyard Of Bones

Devo Spice - Earworm
Saltillo - The Locust Priory
Ashes You Leave - Devil In Disguise
Diablo Swing Orchestra - Kali Ma Calibre
Inviolate - The Invocation

One Eyed Doll - Fight

Recap by The Metal Wulf

The main order of business was counting down our favorite albums of 2012, so let's take a peek at the music that kept our heads banging throughout the year, shall we?
Randy's Top 10 (in order)
1. Overkill- The Electric Age
2. Kreator- Phantom Antichrist
3. Testament- Dark Roots Of The Earth
4. Orange Goblin- A Eulogy For The Damned
5. Lynch Mob- The Sound Mountain Sessions
6. Witchcraft- Legend
7. Opera Diabolicus- 16148. Tygers Of Pan Tang- Ambush
9. KISS- Monster
10. L.A. Guns- Hollywood Forever 
Josh's Favorites (in no particular order)
3 Inches Of Blood- Long Live Heavy Metal
Angel Witch- As Above, So Below
Graveyard- Lights Out
Gypsyhawk- Revelry & Resilience
Overkill- The Electric Age
Rush- Clockwork Angels
The GraviatorsUnisonic- Unicsonic
Witchcraft- Legend
Lance's Favorites (in no particular order)
Adler- Back From The Dead
Bad Boy Eddy- Bad Boy Eddy
Blessed By A Broken Heart- Feel The Power
The Biters- Last Of A Dying Breed
Fozzy- Sin And Bones
Hess-  Living In Yesterday
Impending Doom- Baptized In Filth
The Last Vegas- Bad Decisions
M-Pire Of Evil- Hell To The Holy
Otherwise- True Love Never Dies
Rick's Favorites (in no particular order)
Allegaeon- Formshifter
Between The Buried And Me: Parallax II: Future Sequence
Burn Everything- Hollow Victory
Cannibal Corpse- Torture
Gojira- L'Enfant SauvageHigh On Fire- De Vermis Mysteriis
Ire Clad- Ire Clad
Vision Of Disorder- Cursed Remain Cursed
Rush- Clockwork Angels
Testament- Dark Roots Of The Earth
Joe's Favorites (in no particular order)
Admiral Sir Cloudesly Shovel- Don't Hear It, Fear It
Aeon- Aeons Black 
Asphyx- Deathhammer
Candlemass- Psalms For The Dead
Dublin Death Patrol- Death Sentence
Grand Supreme Blood Court- Bow Down Before The Blood Court
Southwicked- Death's Crown
Jorn- Bring Heavy Rock To The Land
KISS- Monster
Overkill- The Electric Age
Azkath also made some recommendations as well, so interested parties may wish to check out 2012 releases from Devo Spice, Saltillo, Ashes You Leave, Diablo Swing Orchestra, Inviolate, and One-Eyed Doll.
So, with all that considered, there wasn't a lot of time for discussions, although we did take a moment to marvel over the fact that Facebook seems to be chock full of Brony sites. And no, I'm not associated with any of them...
Joe was shocked to discover that there is actually now a Facebook emoticon to represent...well...Poop...
Yep, you read that correctly. Just type :poop: into a comment box, and there will be a  little brown pile of turd showing for your troubles.
 Remember, that's   :poop:   
I've already had a little fun using this to comment on Justin Bieber posts, not to mention Metallica/Lou Reed posts regarding the LuLu album. Think of the possibilities!
Let's see...no Jeffie this week. Turns out that, according to Azkath, he's suffering from Post-Randy Disorder. Really, I can't imagine what I could have done that traumatized him so bad. I mean, how many times have we all dealt with similar treatment from him, and none of us are substantially out of whack.
Okay, none of us are precisely sane, either, but we all came that way before being exposed to Jeffie.
At least, I'm pretty sure we did...
So, not sure what's up for our next show, but I've got a birthday coming up, and it looks like we may have an Old-School Night to look forward to very soon. 2013 is off to a pretty solid start, I'd say!