June 4, 2011 - Scholar Perform

  • Published in 2011

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Another quiet night, not even a beating to speak of, which is probably all for the better anyway. There's only so much of that kind of thing one person can take, let's face it... Anyway, a good portion of the show was spent featuring members of Rochester, NY's Scholar. Sound-wise they fall into a bit of the punk and pop category, maybe a little happier than what most Onslaught listeners are accustomed to, but hey, they're a part of a diverse local family, and we were happy to have them hang with us for a bit! They were even cool enough to play a couple of acoustic numbers for us ("All The Way To The Sun" and "The Rift"), followed up by guitarist / lead vocalist Steven Blaqart doing a handful of cover tunes for us. So, most listeners are probably aware that Joe and I are both HUGE fans of KISS, so we were pretty excited to hear that one of those cover songs was going to be "Goin' Blind", and you can actually see a clip of that performance on our Facebook page, as well as YouTube! Azkath was recording as well, so there will be more forthcoming. Steven also threw in a Danzig song, as well as an old Misfits number, very cool to hear, I must say! Not much else to tell, to be honest. Outside of our discussion of "Goin' Blind" and just how big of a perv Gene Simmons must be for having written it, I think the funniest moment of the night came when Azkath wanted to play a song for Joe by a band called Mutant Supremacy. Joe was informed that he may have to replace his face after hearing it, and something about that idea didn't sit well with him. As a matter of fact, he got downright petulant about it, displaying all the charm of a child forced to finish his plate, when all that's left is broccoli... I mean, we even told him we'd staple his face back on and everything. He would have been fine! But all we heard was, "No! I don't wanna lose my face! Uh-uh! Not doin' it" and so on and so forth... Eventually of course, we played the song and Joe came out of the experience just FINE! All that moping and whininess was for nothin'. Geeeeez...

Saxon - Back In '79
Karma To Burn - Never Say Die
Tyr - Stargazer
Ozzy Osbourne - Diary Of A Madman
The Rods - Raise Some Hell
Thorr-Axe - Sundering Of the Frost Giant
Pagan's Mind - Eyes Of Fire
The Muggs - Sturm Und Drang
Deceased - Off Kilter
Draconian - Wall Of Sighs
Autopsy - Always About To Die
Black Sabbath - The Fallen
A Pale Horse Named Death - Cracks In The Walls
3 Inches Of Blood - Strength Of The Grave
Slayer - Atrocity Vendor
Funeral - How Death May Linger
IKILLYA - Jet Fuel Genetic
Morbid Angel - 10 More Dead
Scholar - All The WaY To The Sun
Scholar - Rift
Haemorrhage - Tumour Donor
In Solitude - We Were Never Here
I.N.C. - It's Coming
Vanna - I, The Collector
Black Tusk - Fixed In The Ice
Scholar - Goin' Blind
Scholar - Long Way Back From Hell
Scholar - Ghoul's Night Out
Scholar - Locke Syndrome
Sanjuro Fields - The River's Edge
Stone Soul Foundation - Sidewalker
Hangman's Heart - Mary Elizabeth
Novembers Doom - Buried
Thorr-Axe - Hung For Nine Days
Order Of The Dead - Bullet
Cosmic Sea - March For Flames
Mutant Supremacy - Soaked In Hell
Unexpect - Mechanical Phoenix
Choose - 33
Hammerfall - The Outlaw
Queensryche - The Lie
Black 'N Blue - Candy
Ace Frehley - Wiped-Out
Paul Stanley - Tonight You Belong To Me
Black Stone Cherry - Killing Floor
Cyper Seer - Aftermass
Paradyme - Sravanthi
Tombs - Passage Ways
Behemoth - Wish
Paper Thin Disaster - It Takes A Big Dog To Weigh A Ton


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