August 3, 2013 - Catching Up with Old Friends

  • Published in 2013
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Fueled By Fire - Symbolic Slaying
Trouble - Hunters Of Doom
Candlemass - Demon's Gate
Lord Dying - Value Of Pity

Chimaira - Love Soaked Death
Rammimg Speed - Ashes
Pamela Moore - Breaking Down
iwrestledabearonce - I'd Buy That For A Dollar
Trivium - Brave This Storm
Norma Jean - Funeral Singer

Dream Death - Feast
Exhumed - The Rotting
Mammoth Grinder - Born In A Bag
Revocation - Dyers Eve
Wound - Confess To Filth

Tarja - 500 Letters
DevilDriver - The Appetite
Duskmachine - Dying In My Skin
Siren's Cry - Serpents Of War

Counterparts - Wither
AC/DC - Girls Got Rhythm
The Defiled - As I Drown
Temple Of Thieves - Pull Me Under
Doyle - Mark Of The Beast
Hate - Hatehammer

The Winery Dogs - The Dying
Spirits Of The Dead - Red Death
Deadlock - Darkness Devine
Potential Threat - Beneath The Surface
A Sound Of Thunder - Queen Of Hell

Racer X - Sacrifice
Seven Witches - Riders Of Doom
Mercia - Misery Dispenser
The Burial - Wretched Restless Forms
Airbourne - Ready To Rock
Newsted - Twisted Tail Of Comet
Sirenia - Cold Caress

Second Empire - Birth Of The Empire
From Space - We Are From Space
As They Burn - Isis
Never The Sunshine - Superstar
Jorn - Monsoon
Huntress - Receiver

Korgull The Exterminator - Metal Fist Destroyer
Fueled By Fire - Rotten Creation
Armed For Apocalypse - Open Wound
Havok - Children Of The Grave
Phil Anselmo - Bedridden

Dr. Know - War Theater
Recap by The Metal Wulf
We had Jane Evile drop in for a bit, and she shared her experience of performing at the 2013 Women's Right To Rock Festival with her new band, A Taste Of Evil.
Sadly we missed out on that show, as it fell on a Friday night. We told her she should see about performing on Saturday night should she return for next year's show.
As it turns out, we'll be getting to check her band out well before next summer, as A Taste Of Evil has just recently been added to play the Heavy Metal Halloween Bash at the Eagle Hotel in Lodi on October 26. Spater will be hosting the event, and it will also feature J.A.C.K., Ire Clad, Psychopath, Thoughts In Reverse, and Sabbatage (a Black Sabbath tribute band featuring former Awaken bassist, Freddy Villano).
Should be a good time, so mark your calendar now. Halloween's NOT that far off, when ya get right down to it!
We had another visitor on hand that night, one Shawn-Marie Simmons, whose last name was Terry when I knew her many, many moons ago. 
Yep, Joe and I both know Shawn from our college days. As a matter of fact, it had been almost 25 years since I'd last seen her. Had a great time catching up with her, without a doubt. We even shared some stories about college experiences, most noteworthy being the tale of a certain trip to New York City with The R.A.T. (Radio And Television) Guild. Couldn't really go into full detail about the trip while on the air, but I'm thinking of recording an edition of Randy's Rants to share some of the things that weren't radio friendly.
There was also a brief and bizarre discussion regarding my supposed pansexualism. Literally, Azkath was wondering exacly what I would be married to, assuming the urge ever struck me. 
Hey, Demon, I'll make it easy for ya. I'm pretty sure SHE would be human...

July 6, 2013 - Jayne Evil, Mercia and Order of the Dead

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A Sound Of Thunder - Queen Of Hell
Karnivool - We Are
Powerwolf - Headless Cross
Stone Magnum - The Gallows Of Ohrdruf
Lord Dying - Water Under A Burning Bridge
Tear Out The Heart - Coffin Eyes
The Burial - Of Jasper And Carnelian
Tank - Retribution
Carnivore - Inner Conflict
Huntress - Running Wild
Carcass - Captive Bolt Pistol
Deeds Of Flesh - Hollow Human Husks
Blood Red Throne - Torturewhore
Autopsy - Coffin Crawlers
King Kobra - Running Wild
Mercia - The Necromancer
Order Of The Dead - What Humans Remain?
As They Burn - Frozen Vision
Havok - Under The Gun
Mercia - Exile In Ruin
Terror - The Most High
Spirits Of The Dead - Golden Sun
Jorn - Traveller
Goatess - Full Moon At Noon
Ire Clad - Blindside
Gorguts - Forgotten Arrows
Butcher Babies - Grim Sleeper
The Things They Carry - A Million Different Places
Satan - Personal Demons
Kalmah - Pikemaster
Scorpion Child - Liquor
Orphaned Land - Our Own Messiah
Beyond Creation - Social Disability
Amon Amarth - Father Of The Wolf
A Sound Of Thunder - Trashed
Moon Curse - Brontis
Extol - Ministers
Brutus - Crystal Parrot
High On Fire - 10,000 Years
Continents - Regrets
Queensryche - Spore
Into The Flood - By Way Of The Snake
Venomous Maximus - Path Of Doom
Lonewolf - Raise The Flag
Snow White's Poison Bite - Count Dracula Kid!
Angel Dust - To Dust You Will Decay

Recap by The Metal Wulf

Started the evening out getting Hell from Joe. Seems that he was serious about me posing as his body double for a certain birthday party, which he ended up missing because of a banana that he ate. Guess it didn't agree with him...
Hey, what can I say? I thought he was just joking around about that whole body double thing, I swear!
Anyhoo, to placate him, I went ahead and told him my plans regarding No Pants Day 2014. I assured him that he wouldn't have to show up, I'd take his spot, and that by doing so, there was no chance of me ruining the night by running around half-naked again, because I'd actually be HIM, and not me...
He seemed very intrigued by the whole idea, so we'll see how things develop.
Jane Evile joined us in the studio to promote her upcoming gig this Friday night at Women's Right 2 Rock 2014, held in Seneca Falls, right by the canal. Jane's band, A Taste Of Evil, will go on at 10:00 p.m., closing out the first night of the three-day event.
Speaking of Women's Right 2 Rock, Judas Priestess will return on Saturday night, hitting the stage at 9:00 p.m. We're hoping to get another chance to talk with some of the ladies before the show, so keep your eyes peeled for a YouTube interview.

We also had members of both Mercia and Order Of The Dead drop by. They were promoting Mercia's CD release party at the Water Street Music Hall in Rochester this Friday night.
Seriously, between the Onslaught, Women's Right 2 Rock, and the Mercia CD release... that's plenty of things to keep you occupied on a Friday night! If you're not enjoying one, you should take in one of the others, without a doubt!
The only other notable happening of the evening happened when Jeffie returned to get revenge on me for not saving him from floating down the canal in Joe's birthday cake...
Really? Revenge? ON ME? After what he and JustJoe did to me on No Pants Day? That shithead's lucky I didn't stuff him in a crate and toss him in the canal again...
Unfortunately, what DID happen wasn't nearly as cool as that. Instead, there was a very messy beatdown with styrofoam. Lots and lots of styrofoam...hard as hell to clean up, to be honest...
So, I'm pretty sure there will be plenty of discussion on Gigantour, as more than a few of us were present when it rolled into Canandaigua this past Saturday. Honestly, it was a damned good show, and I'm looking forward to hearing what some of the rest of the guys thought!


July 2, 2011 - Jane Evile

  • Published in 2011

Recap by The Metal Wulf; 
So, after an absence of roughly three years, Jane Evile stopped in to hang with us. For those unfamiliar, Jane is no stranger for the local scene, having fronted Haunted By Angels and her own Jane Evile Band over the years, as well as being involved with Zadoc... And The Nightmare, as well. Most recently, she's earned the vocalist spot in Rochester's Steel Kingdom, replacing Sean Williams, who has fallen terminally ill. For those who are interested in hearing Jane in her first appearance singing for Steel Kingdom, they'll be playing next Saturday night (July 9th) at the Women's Right To Rock Festival in Seneca Falls, which is a free event taking place the entire weekend. I can pretty well guarantee you'll see siome of the Onslaught crew out there as well, so come on down and hang out! Jane was also kind enough to take some time for an interview, which is now up on YouTube, and can also be seen on Metallic Onslaught's Facebook page. Oh, we also assured Jane that she's more than welcome to just come and hang with us any old time, even if it's not to promote anything musical.

So, onto other topics. Joe and I ended up sharing a story from a couple weeks back while we were riding home after the show. It was a moderately foggy evening, and somewhere between Border City and Waterloo we saw this figure lunge from the side of the road, arms waving, thumb out as if to hitch a ride. I had a very brief glimpse of what looked like a very slender woman with long, dark, lanky hair, Naturally, this kind of freaked us out just a little bit. We have no clue as to what the situation was, or who the person was, just a gangly figure in the fog, looking like it was trying to get someplace else as soon as possible. Joking remarks were made regarding what Joe referred to as the "zombie chick", but to be honest, it was pretty damned creepy. I'd say we really don't need to encounter anything like that anytime soon... What else... Jeffie arrived, babbling something about balloon zippers. Yeah, I'm not even going to speculate on what the hell that was all about. Something about putting zippers on balloons and using them for ceiling storage. One of those scenarios that's so utterly ridiculous that it makes my brain throb in agony trying to sort it all out... Just ain't worth the effort, best not to think about it... We also discussed an epic fail that came about as a result of my not paying proper attention to what the hell I was doing. So, it's like this: Bill doesn't yet own his own computer, so when he records interviews for the Onslaught or gets some live clips from shows, he takes the files he's recorded on his Droid-X and imports them to my computer. He would then upload accordingly to his own YouTube account if he happened to have a night free to hang out here. He'd upload, I'd pop in a flick or two, and we'd just kinda hang out. Well, in the interest of getting an abundance of clips uploaded in a timely manner, Bill entrusted me with his log-in info so I could do the job for him while he was at work. This has worked out well in the past, but on Wednesday night, something went terribly, terribly wrong... Okay, so it was initially just ONE LITTLE FAILED UPLOAD! I went to delete it, thought I'd checked the box for JUST THAT VIDEO, and found out later that I'd deleted EVERYTHING on Bill's YouTube... Over 80 videos... Gone... Now, in retrospect folks have said that Bill should have contacted YouTube and they probably could have restored everything after explaining the situation. But, the thought of re-uploading everything was a bit too intimidating, and Bill deleted his account entirely. Now, obviously I've felt like an utter dick about the whole thing, and despte assurances that I shouldn't kick myself in the ass over it, I have been. However, I've also taken the time to begin re-uploading his material to my account, which I fully intend on sharing with him as needed. I fucked up big time, and it's the least I could do. So, from now on, my YouTube page is also Bill's. I may even change the user name to reflect that, if possible. Let's see, we could try Wulfliam...Metalliam...MetalBILL!!!...or maybe BILLwulf... Hmmmmm... Maybe not...


Black Country Communion - The Battle For Hadrian's Wall
Twisted Sister - Be Chrool To Your Scuel
Who Cares - Out Of My Mind
Headcat - The Eagle Flies On Friday

Ozzy Osbourne - I Don't Know
Voodoo Highway - Till It Bleeds
The Rods - I Just Wanna Rock
Megadeth - Peace Sells

Cypherseer - Red Rain
Stone Soul Foundation - Ain't No Mystery
Deceased - Cloned (Day Of The Robot)
Thorr-Axe - Dragon King
Pestilence - Malignant

Jane Evil - March Of The Damned
Gentlemans Pistols - The Ravisher
Hands - Northern Lights
Dream Theater - On The Backs Of Angels

Steel Kingdom - Fortune Teller
Skalmold - Sorg
Hackneyed - Magic Malignancy
Earth Crisis - Total War
Svartsot - Dodedansen

Jane Evil - Not Your Saviour
Order Of The Dead - Brotherhood Of Darkness
Orodruin - Dark Rune

Cauldron - Frozen In Fire
Metallica - Whiskey In The Jar
Spater - Rat Salad
Temple Of The Dog - Hunger Strike
Stone Soul Foundation - Christian

Blizaro - City Of The Living Nightmare
A Viking Funeral - Shadows Of The Wolfpack
Exhumed - Your Funeral My Feast
Jungle Rot - Rise Up And Revolt
Death - Suicide Machine

Mastodon - Sleeping Giant
Morbid Angel - Immortal Rites
Cradle Of Filth - Her Ghost In The Fog
The Black Dahlia Murder - Great Burning Nullifier
August Burns Red - Poor Millionaire
Vanna - History On Repeat

Denial Fiend - Flesh Coffin
Trivium - In Waves
MonstrO - Anchors Up!
Icon In Me - Un-Slaved
Machine Head - Locust
The Rain I Bleed - Nightmares

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