April 23, 2011 - Horseface and Spiders...

  • Published in 2011

Recap by The Metal Wulf;

Another relatively calm night on the show. We had HorseFace in the studio, one of the twenty bands scheduled to appear at the 2011 edition of the Finger Lakes Metal Fest. Let me tell ya something, here, their name might be worth of a chuckle, but these guys are all business. Good, solid heavy metal, and I'm very much looking forward to hearing them live on May 21st out on Donselaar's! Speaking of Metal Fest, Caged is scheduled to close the night out, and there was some speculation as to who might make guest appearances in the cages with the regular girls, and I believe it boiled down to either Dave from Spater or Rose from Demoness. I think I'd put my money on Rose... Speaking of guest appearances, we had George in the studio for the first time in... Y'know, I can't even remember the last time he stopped in. I'm almost willing to lay money on No Pants Day 2009. Yep, almost two years ago... Stop bein' a stranger, George!!!

An early discussion focused on something that happened on a number of our Facebook pages last Sunday night. I swear, it was just minutes after I posted last weeks' recap. Just MINUTES, and chaos ensued, covering not only my page, but moving onto Bill, Will, Lindsey, Rick, Azkath, and even the Metallic Onslaught Facebook page! The craziness in question, of course, centered around Croctosquatch. Yes, we've become very fond of this song by Motherboar. Hell, we've actually become rather fond of Motherboar, even going so far as to play some more of their music, this time featuring "Camel Puncher". Honestly, how can you not love a band with song titles like that? "Croctosquatch"..."Camel Puncher"..."Zombie Vomit"...they just kinda roll off the tongue! Ummmm... wait... ewwwwwww... Let's see... Our return from our weekly visit to Tim Horton's/ Cold Stone Creamery found us hearing part of a talk break (yes, we stay tuned in when we're not there) that mentioned a spider in the studio. Guess who doesn't particularly care for spiders? So, of course, after returning to the studio, I was very leary about any presence of arachnid activity. Truth is, Bill's not wild about them, either, so as long as they weren't in the Stupid Room, we were fine. Something really strange has occurred in the meantime, though. Something to do with my former smoking habit, which I'm happy to report is STILL a former habit, outside of a couple of minor slips.
Anyhoo, the strange part is that cigarettes suddenly look like spiders to me. Big, black, hairy, bloated, eight-legged aberrations of nature. Now, can you imagine how that looks when you see someone actually smoking? I mean, it's WEIRD!!!! People open a pack, pop a smoke in their mouths, light it, and all I see is a burning spider in their mouths! Honestly, what in the HELL is goin' on here? Apparently Azkath's "negative reinforcement" techniques have moved onto some bizarre form of aversion therapy. And, even crazier, IT'S WORKING!!!


Brian Robertson - Texas Wind
Leaves' Eyes - Empty Horizon
Pentagram - Horseman
CypherSeer - Aftermass

Mama's Boys - Lettin' Go
Mama's Boys - Needle In The Groove
Jag Panzer - Burn
Scheepers - Cyberfreak
Vicious Rumors - Razorback Blade

Horseface - F.E.A.R.
Midnattsol - The Metamorphosis Melody
Nightshade - You Can't See Through My Eyes
The Rods - Let It Ripp

Horseface - Crazy
Lowkey - Backstabber
Spater - Stronger Than You
Hope For The Dying - Imminent War
I.N.C. - Full Metal Jacket
Motherboar - Camel Puncher

Horseface - Muddy Boots
Deceased - Kindred Assembly
Graveyard - Ungrateful Are The Dead
Red Fang - Throw Up
Foo Fighters - Darling Nikki
Behold The Arctopus - Canada

The Rods - The Code
Anvil - The Ride
Conflicted - Alive
KMFDM - Panzerfaust
Goes Cube - Thunderheads
Victims - Bringing Me Down
Havok - D.O.A.

Deafheaven - Language Games
Hyperborean - Killing Grounds
Tormenta - Tormented Souls
Cause For Revelation - Resurrecting The Hostility
Bane - Inherited Infection
Kampfar - Blitzwitch
Taletellers - Nail It Down

Xerath - Sworn To Sacrifice
Amon Amarth - For Victory Or Death
Thinning The Herd - My Wake
Free Reign - Ruins
Halestorm - Hunger Strike
Becoming The Archetype - The Magnetic Sky
Hank III - Hillbilly Joker
Evil Madness - Mad Attack
Gigan - Suspended In Cubes Of Torment

Anvil - New Orleans Voodoo
Psychopath - Illusive Deceptions
Order Of The Dead - Neurot Despot
Lowkey - Red Moon
Winterus - Moonlust

Motherboar - Croctosquatch
Combat - The Mutant Inside

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