May 14, 2011 - Friday the 13th...

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Recap by Randy, aka Wulfie, who is thinking the man-kini should probably just be burned...

This edition of The Metallic Onslaught fell on Friday the 13th, so of course it was fitting that Alice Cooper's "He's Back (The Man Behind The Mask)" was played. I actually believe it's become an Onslaught tradition over the years. Fact is, most of us honestly hate that song. Don't get me wrong, we LOVE Alice, just not crazy 'bout that particular tune... So, ironically enough, the big topic for the evening seemed to revolve around No Pants Day and my... ummmm... man-kini episode... Honestly, it was like everybody had Man-kini Madness, and people wouldn't shut up about it all night! I mean, here we are in conjunction with a telethon to help raise money for our parent station, WEOS, and they're talking about me removing a piece of clothing for each $5.00 donation! Ummmm, the idea here is to GAIN money in donations, not lose it! And for the record, if you wanted to be kind enough to make your own donation, just go on to for all the details! And then, while trying to promote next weeks' Finger Lakes Metal Fest, somebody had the bright idea that I should jump into one of the cages , in my man-kini, during Caged's set! You know, I have a feeling if they really wanted to do one for the ladies, they could find someone who wouldn't make them run screaming OUT of the building! So, for the record, I am stating, right now, that there are no immediate plans of me squeezing my butt into that thing again. That means no pimping myself out in the man-kini for cash donations, and definitely no man-kini moshing at Metal Fest. And DEFINITELY no Mosh n' Bowl in the man-kini! Not happening any time soon, sorry folks... Really, you'll be thanking me in the long run!

Enough about the man-kini, let's move right along, shall we? Further promoting Finger Lakes Metal Fest, we once again had Dave from Spater in the studio with us, along with Wayne Johnson, guitarist and vocalist for Caroline Blue, a solid Syracuse band with a good, old-school style. You can check them out right here on Facebook!  Seriously, the closer this gets, the more excited we are to be emceeing it. Your going to be hard pressed to find a better way to kick off the summer concert season, especially around here, where we just don't get metal like we used to... Let's see, what else was there of note... We played some new music from King Kobra and Warrant, and I've gotta say that between the two, I'm definitely more impressed with the King Kobra material. Of course, I knew that adding Paul Shortino to the line-up was only going to up their game in the long run. The guy sounds just as amazing now as he did in the 80's, while fronting Rough Cutt, and for a brief period, Quiet Riot. Not to say that the Warrant track was terrible. The new vocalist, Robert Mason, is damned good, I'd even go so far to say that I prefer him to Jani Lane, who isn't exactly a slouch. Of course, if you're a fan of the old-school 80's hair metal, you'll probably love both discs. For my part, I can't wait to get my hands on that King Kobra disc! Gotta bring this up, because it's actually not a terrible idea, when it all boils down. Somewhere along the line I brought up a conversation that Josh and I had been having during our weekly pilgrimage to Cold Stone Creamery. Josh and I have tossed around a few interesting ideas during my time on the show, among them bobble-heads and posable action figures. (Hey, who wouldn't want a Wulfie figure? It could happen!) Anyhoo, the idea of doing an Onslaught calendar came up, and the more I thought about it, the more that it sounded like a fun concept. It's not like we don't have a ton of photos in the archives that would be usable. I mean, obviously we don't want any man-kini (Shit, there it is again!) photos, but there are definitely some fun pics that could fit the bill. Hmmmmm...any takers? Before I wrap this up for this week, I've gotta express a little concern for Joe's sanity. I think our long-suffering host may have finally been pushed over the edge, because toward the end of the night he was acting a little strange. I'm pretty sure I heard him mention something about genital pizza and pepperoni nipples. This could bear some watching in the coming weeks... And, speaking of coming weeks, our next show is not only going to feature Dave from Spater once again, but also God Size Hate, as we do some last minute promotion for Finger Lakes Metal Fest. And on top of that, we're also getting a visit from New York State legends, THe Rods! Yeah, you read that right! Dave Feinstein, Carl Canedy, and Garry Bordonarro are going to be joining us NEXT WEEK!
Really, if I were any more pumped for next weekend, I'd be exploding right now! Can't get here soon enough.


Leaves' Eyes - Spirit's Masquerade
King Kobra - Midnight Woman
Pentagram - Call The Man

The Rods - I Just Wanna Rock
Warrant - Sex Ain't Love
Anvil - When Hell Breaks Loose
Anvil - New Orleans Voo Doo

Caroline Blue - Our Love is Wasted
CyperSeer - Soul Sacrifice
Hell - On Earth As It Is in Hell
Novembers Doom - Harvest Scythe

Caroline Blue - Nothing Will Satisfy You
Deceased - Cloned
Nightshade - Final Crop
Black Sabbath - The Sign Of The Southern Cross

Caroline Blue - Pain
Morbid Angel - Rapture
In Solitude - Serpents Are Rising
Most Precious Blood - Stuart Is A Dead Man
INC - Fist Of Fascista
Dynasty - Demolish Strongholds
The Gates Of Slumber - To The Rack With Them

Caroline Blue - Out Of My Life (I Want You)
A Plane To The Void - The Obstacle's Passion
Here Comes The Kraken - A New Leader
Kaapora - The Second Wave Of Sorrow
Gallhammer - Sober
Tokyo Blade - Killing Rays
Ark Of the Covenant - Locusts Look Like Horses

Autopsy - Bridge Of Bones
The Devin Townsend Project - Planet Of The Apes
Assassin - Judas
Hope For The Dying - Perpetual Ruin
Red Fang - Dirt Wizard
Lowkey - Backstabber
OTEP - Drunk On The Blood Of Saints
Septicflesh - Apocalypse

Infant Sorrow - The Clap
The Rods - Power Lover
The Rods - The Code
The May 4th Massacre - Godfather X
KMFDM - Lynchmob
Affiance - Call To The Warrior
GammaRay - Hold Your Ground
Hate Eternal - Deathveil

Pallas - Sacrifice


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