September 17, 2011 - A Quiet Night...

Recap by Fire Eater Wizard; Most of the MO gang, Rick, Randy, BBBIIIIILLLLL!!!!, and, Jeffie were attending the The Last Exit For The Lost Presents Show, which left Joe and Josh holding down the fort. Lots of awesome metal was played, as always. And things were talked about, like how disgusting and just plain wrong chocolate toothpaste is, although Joe and Josh split on citrus flavored toothpaste, Joe thought that was disgusting and wrong as well, while Josh liked it... And as always, good information was given on what cool new music had been released recently, and would be released soon and where/how to look for it... As always, your great source for all things metal!


Dream Theater - Outcry
Megadeth - Public Enemy No. 1
Doogie White - Time Machine

Black Sabbath - Danger Zone
Black Sabbath - Disturbing The Priest
Pain Of Salvation - Mortar Grind
Redemption - No Tickets To The Funeral
Bucket - Guitars, Beers & Tears

Alice Cooper - When Hell Comes Home
Anthrax - Earth On Hell
Forced Entry - Anaconda
Exmortus - Beyond The Nile
Crowned By Fire - Witch In The Window

Diamond Plate - Fool's Paradise
Opeth - The Lines In My Hand
Van Canto - The Seller Of Souls
Mortal Sin - Blood Of My Enemies
Vader - The Black Eye

Kyng - Bleed Easy
Haste The Day - Pressure The Hinges
Isole - Born From Shadows
Lonely Kamel - Rotten Seed

Arch/Matheos - Under Stained Glass Sky
Ed Guy - Fire On The Downline

Devastation - The Devil's Messenger
Volumes - Wormholes
Derek Sherinian - Seven Sins
Rose Funeral - Beyond The Entombed
Saviours - Fire Of Old

Morbid Angel - Rapture
Megadeth - Never Dead
Anthrax - Judas Priest
Kyng - Between The Blame
Crowned By Fire - Vulture With A Rifle
Mortal Sin - Hatred
Exmortus - Kneel Before The Steel

Pathology - Ingestion Of Creation
Kittie - I've Failed You
Borderline Suicide - Misery
Design The Skyline - Cybernetic Strawflower
Chelsea Grin - Oblivion
Chthonic - Broken Jade
Pipe - Seeds Of Hate

Anubis Gate - Golden Days
Divine Ascension - Guided By Osiris
Dr. sin - Ninja
Michael Schenker Group - Run To The Hills
Isole - Condemned

Alice Cooper - Ghouls Gone Wild
A Hill To Die Upon - Ancient Enemy Of Death
ICS vortex - Aces
Hatesphere - Smell Of Death
Mastodon - Curl Of The Burl

Anthrax - I'm Alive