Interview with The Rods and Veronica Freeman - April 24, 2015

Interview conducted by Joe Wyatt, Randy "MetalWulf" Smith, and Rick Horton from The Metallic Onslaught at Suzy's Tavern in Auburn, NY. We take a few moments to talk to The Rods (David "Rock" Feinstein, Carl Canedy, and Garry Bordonaro), as well as Benedictum's Veronica Freeman, who is touring with them as a guest vocalist.


May 21, 2011 - David 'Rock' Fienstein

  • Published in 2011

Recap by Randy, aka Wulfie, who is looking forward to future editions of Finger Lakes Metal Fest!

There was a lot to be excited about, as far as this night was concerned. There WAS one problem, however, and I'd like to take a moment to apologize to God Size Hate on behalf of the show for what really amounted to some communication issues and a misunderstanding. Hopefully we can rectify that in the future and have the guys return some night. Anyhoo, with that being said, we had the honor of having David "Rock" Feinstein of The Rods in the studio. For those who may not be familiar, The Rods formed in the early 80's, and built themselves a healthy reputation as a band to be reckoned with. They toured with some of the biggest names of that time, most notably Judas Priest and Iron Maiden. They also had a fledgeling band called Metallica open for them on more than one occasion. The band split, amicably, in the latter portion of the 80's, and within the past few years have reunited. Things have gone so well, in fact, that they're recorded a new album, entitled Vengeance, that is being released this week, and I highly recommend it. All in all the interview went exceedingly well, with Dave discussing the circumstances that brought the band back together, the new album, some thoughts on their more popular songs, and some upcoming appearances. One show in particular stands out, and it's going to take place on July 10, in Cortland. It falls on the birthday of Ronnie James Dio (David's cousin, and also former bandmate in Elf), and is a benefit show with proceeds going to the Stand Up And Shout Cancer Fund. Speaking of Ronnie James Dio, David also discussed the circumstance that brought Ronnie to lend his vocal talents to not only one song on Vengeance (entitled "The Code", and it's phenomenal!), but also to a song on David's 2010 solo album, Bitten By The Beast (on the track "Metal Will Never Die"). These songs are quite possibly among Ronnie's final recordings, and well worth a listen. I've gotta say, this was quite likely my favorite among serious segments on the show. It was an honor and priveledge to have David on the show, and he has our gratitude for sharing his time with us!

Of course, having David on was just part of the excitement we were feeling. This show was on the eve of Finger Lakes Metal Fest, and we were all pumped! Wtih the event coinciding with the supposed "End Of The World" and "The Rapture", there was rampant speculation as to whether we should be prepared for an upcoming Zombie Apocalypse, which probably would have put something of a damper on the day. Or maybe Zombie Slaying would have made it more fun, who can say?
NOBODY! 'Cuz it didn't fucking happen!!! There WAS, however, what we figured to be a Croctosquatch lurking about... Still, Metal Fest was a blast, and we'd all like to take a moment to thank Dave Henninger and the boys from Spater for allowing us to emcee the event, not to mention thanks to the bands that came out to perform, and the fans who came out to support the whole thing! It was well and truly a great time, with a lot of memorable performances, and it allowed us to meet a lot of very cool people. Can't wait to do it again next year! Okay, on to less exciting stuff. Other discussions of the evening fell on Black Label Society's show in Buffalo last week, where a few of us got caught in what was NOT an indoor shower of rain... Gotta love those beer-guzzlin' Black Label fans! Still, the show was awesome, I had a great time, and I want to go on the record here as saying that a Zakk Wylde guitar solo sounds like somebody strangling a Tyrannosaurus Rex. Which, in my book, is COOL AS HELL!!! Let's see... We discussed the passing of WWE legend, the "Macho Man" Randy Savage. Yeah, pretty depressing, especially when you think of how much better wrestling was back in his time. Seriously, it's gone to hell since the 80's and early 90's. Shit, I'd be happy for a return to a style reminiscent of the Attitude Era. Awww, who am I kidding, we're stuck with John Cena, probably forever... There is something else of note I should mention. It's not like he's really becoming a nuisance or anything, but that Viking personality that came to the forefront on No Pants Day keeps popping in and out, usually whenever I get knocked on the head... Great, now I'm a bad rip-off of Super Dave as well as being The New Jeffie! Somebody just put me outta my misery now, dammit!!!!! Oh well, when all else fails, I guess I just fall back on blaming Jeffie...


The Rods - Violation
The Rods - Power Lover

The Rods - The Code
The Rods - Wild Dogs

The Rods - Livin' Outside The Law
The Rods - Nothing Going On In The City

The Rods - Let It Ripp
The Rods - Crank It up

The Rods - Vengeance
Anvil - When Hell Breaks Loose
Deceased - The Traumatic
Sacred Dawn - Demonlover
Orange Goblin - Black Shapes Of Doom
Hell - Macbeth

Masterplan - Killing In Time
Red Fang - Number Thirteen
Haemorrhage - 911 (Emergency Slaughter)
Autopsy - Sewn Into One
INC - Bleed The Line

King Kobra - Turn Up The Good Times
Here Comes The Kraken - Nu Beginning
A Plane To The Void - Omote And Ura
The May 4th Massacre - Slayerfest 2012
Book Of Black Earth - Road Dogs From Hell

Dynasty - Voice Of Truth
Black Country Communion - Smokestack Woman
Assassin - Strike Back
In Solitude - To Her Darkness
In Solitude - Dance Of The The Adversary

Novembers Doom - Six Sides
Pestilence - Dissolve
Ark Of The Covenant - The Book Of Life
Nightshade - Final Crop
Septic Flesh - A Great Mass Of Death
OTEP - Bible Belt
Deceased - Cloned (Day Of the Robot)

Most Precious Blood - Upstate Ghost
Affiance - A Monster Fed
Gamma Ray - Wannabees
Caroline Blue - Our Love Is Wasted
God Size Hate - Red Rabbit
Horse Face - Muddy Boots
Lowkey - Porcupine Cannonball

Compressed - Death Of The Flesh
Spater - Suckerpunch
Punch Drunk Monkeys - Donuts

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