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This is a collection of the funniest and best clips from our shows. Files are Zipped, just download and unzip, most are under 100megs, and some contains some extra text and photos. The first 10 Volumes only feature The Last Exit for the Lost, after that all volumes contain material from both shows... if you have any problems, contact us.

Volume 44 - The Pushrods, Disruptive Joe, and Horrible Music. Music from Others and The Pushrods. Some really bad songs courtesy of BOTH Joe's. Silly, wacky, and bizarre as usual. This volume covers the very end of 2004 and the first few months of 2005. Bonus disk, pictures, and recaps all included in the main zip file.

Volume 43 - Music, A Princess, Handy, Mayhem, Chaos, and Departures. Two downloads, the main Best of CD with pictures and Recaps, and the Bonus disk with extra music that didn't fit on the main disk. This covers from September 19, 2004 till December 17, 2004. There are live in studio performances from The Pushrods, River Chicken, If Man is Five, and Divinity Destroyed. Download the Bonus Disk.

Volume 42 -Songs, Clowns, and Glue. Download the zip files that has the whole CD, all the pics, recaps, CD Art and a Bonus Track. This material is from Summer of 2004.

Volume 41 - Pushrods, Puppets, Shoebox, and the Stairs. May and June 2004.

Volume 40 - The End of Maury. March and April 2004.

Volume 39 - Download the zip file which has the whole CD, all the pics, some recaps, CD art, and a bonus track. Enjoy. This is from early 2004 and includes clips with Crappy the Clown, Showbox, Sudden Death, Coffee Inc, The Pushrods, Marcos of ROH, Maury, and much more...

Volume 38 - New Faces and Ass Sweat - Pics from this Volume

Volume 37 - The Coming of Just Joe, Ian, Penguins, and a Couple of Jeffies - Pics from this Volume

Volume 36 - Monsters and Dead Hosts - September 20, 2003 to October 18, 2003

Volume 35 - The Death of Jeffie

Volume 34 - Rub's Resturant, Maury, and Crappy the Clown

Volume 33 - The End of Arthur and Fun with Jeffie

Volume 32 - Jeff's Detachable Parts, The Gong, Friend, and The Pitchfork

Volume 31 - Ian, Miracles, and The Last Zoltan

Volume 30 - Valentine's Day, Phil, The Horror of Joe, and Vern Returns

Volume 29 - The Zoltan's Memorial Show, Maury's Debut, and Arthur the Porn Star

Volume 28

Volume 27 - Jeffie V2, Zoltan V1, Shoebox, and Bri Bri

Volume 26 - Satan and The Death of Jeffie

Volume 25 - Death, Insanity, Cults, and Sock Monkeys

Volume 24 - Musical Onslaught, The CIAA, and Groupies

Volume 23 - Friend Gets Around and The Zoltan Apocalypse

Volume 22 - Shoebox, Arthur, and Poor Jeffie

Volume 21 - Jeffie Beatings and Arthur The Bodyguard

Volume 20 - The End of Vern and Zoltan's Groupies

Volume 19 - Shoebox Comes to The Metallic Onslaught and Handy Leaves The Last Exit Forever

Volume 18 - Armageddon

Volume 17 - We Love Satan, Ithaska, and a Wrestling Dog

Volume 16 - The Many Zoltans

Volume 15 - Handy, Vern, and Zoltan

Volume 14 - Vern's Many Deaths, Zoltan to the Rescue, and Jeff's Beatings

Volume 13 - Bleach Drinking and Returns

Volume 12 - Zoltan, Jeff, an Abduction, and Enoch

Volume 11 - Handy's Last Stand and The Coming of Jeff the Radio Guy

Volume 10 - Vern, Stories, Proposals, and Departures

Volume 9 - Handy, Friend, Kat, and Chuck

Volume 8 - We Love Satan, Psychic Sloths, and Crappy the Clown

Volume 7 - The Early Years

Volume 6

Volume 5

Volume 4

Volume 3

Volume 2

Volume 1 - The Coming of The Handpuppet