December 24, 2011 - Azkath's Twisted Xmas Show

  • Published in 2011

Seriah Azkath hosts an Apocalyptic Xmas Show... Enjoy...

Green Carnation "Light of Day, Day of Darkness - Part 1"

HPLHS "Have Yourself a Scary Little Solstice"
King Diamond "No Presents for Christmas"
TV's Kyle "All I Want for Christmas is Stuff"
Fields of the Nephilim "Chord of Souls"
Sacrifice "Flames of the End"
HPLHS "Death to the World"

Worm Quartet "A Worm Quartet Christmas"
Carnivore "Armageddon"
Robert Lund "Undead Elves"
Iperyt "A Pocket Sized Armageddon"
HPLHS "Harley Got Devoured by The Undead"
Sleepytime Gorilla Museum "Bring Back the Apocalypse - Live"
Kekal "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen"


December 17, 2011 - Xmas Show

  • Published in 2011

Recap written by Randy Smith, aka MetalWulf

Disclaimer: I would like to note that at no point in my life have I ever taken part in anything that resembled "Roller Boogie", and have never had anything remotely resembling an afro. I hated Solid Gold, and thought Deney Terrio was a pussy. Thank you very much... Due to the fact that next week's edition of The Metallic Onslaught is going to be pre-recorded, we celebrated Christmas on the show last night. In fact, I had it on good faith that a visit from Satan Claus was imminent. C'mon, do you honestly think the guy wouldn't eventually show up, after being discussed on the show for who knows how long? More on that in a bit!

There was another episode of Stryper denial on my part, as Joe passed along news that he'd seen one of their posters at a local thrift shop. Honestly, not interested, but I can say that until I'm blue in the face, and I'll still got ragged on for actually going to see them live way back when. Trust me, I'm well aware that I'll never be able to live that down. Still, in the interest of making a dart board, I may just invest in that damned poster, anyway...

Metallica had dropped a new 4-song EP earlier in the week called Beyond Magnetic. In a nutshell, they're all songs that didn't quite make the cut for the Death Magnetic album. After hearing "Rebel Of Babylon"  played last night, I can kind of understand why these songs were put on the backburner. I mean, the song wasn't terrible, but it didn't exactly floor me, either. It's honestly been many years since I can honestly say that I've been floored by anything Metallica has done...
Ironically, the newest Megadeth disc HAS floored me. Kinda says something, doesn't it?

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